The world is too small when it comes to finding things. Maybe the solution you are looking for is at the back of your house, but you don’t know it yet. Similarly, if we talk about the best mountain bike parks in the US, we will know that the number is way higher than expected. But according to the available information, most of the bikers are unaware of where these parks are situated.  Many sports are highlighted in the mainstream media, such as skiing and winter sports. What you will never find is the detail of the biking parks. This isn’t very pleasant for the bikers. So, we took the initiative to bring these details for you.

Why do you need the best mountain bike parks in the US?

Resorts are built for people who like to spend some quality time with themselves and enjoy some lovely sports but are you aware that there are resorts only associated with seasonal sports such as winter games. Thus, you will find them shutting down once the snow melts and winter is over. On the other hand, some sports are not season dependent, and the lovers of those sports are huge in number, such as biking. Therefore, some parks are known for their services for the biking sector. If we look, many resorts are open for the bikers, and they are ready to serve the bikers on the barren and rocky slopes.

The bike parks are the new normal in the resort sector, and the number will make you witness that this trend is getting better day by day. The number of annual participants in the US stands at 40 million annually. This is a considerable number. The bikers were also seeking a place to push their skills to the highest limits. Also, these measures help us in the promotion of sports.

The list of the biking resorts in the US

Although the number of mountain bike parks in the US is higher, since you are looking for the best, after thorough research and analysis, we have categorized some of the best bike parks in the US. The below-mentioned names will help you get the knowledge of the desired parks you seek:

  1. Whistler Blackcomb Mountain Bike Park At Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia
  2. Trestle Mountain Bike Park At Winter Park Ski Resort, Colorado
  3. Angel Fire Bike Park At Angel Fire Resort, New Mexico
  4. Evolution Bike Park At Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Colorado
  5. Killington Bike Park at Killington Resort Vermont

the details of all of these parks are provided below to enhance your knowledge.

1. Whistler Blackcomb Mountain Bike Park at Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia

This park is listed on the top of our compilation. Now you might be wondering why it stands first, then let’s look at the features. The number of chairlifts at this resort is 6. The number of trails is 57, which is exceptionally unique, and you will seldom find such a high number of trails in any other resort. The park stands at the height of 4936 feet. The entertainment features are plenty, and the riders will get the best experience because the terrain includes trails for beginners and intermediate riders.

2. Trestle Mountain Bike Park at Winter Park Ski Resort, Colorado

The Trestle Park stands second because the number of chair lifts is reduced to 3, and the trails are also less comparatively and stand at a mark of 31. The park is not situated at a very great height. The height is only 1700 feet. One of the essential features that must be considered is the 40 miles single track of the resort. Some additions are made to ensure that you get the best biking experience every year.

3. Angel Fire Bike Park At Angel Fire Resort, New Mexico

Compared to the parks listed on the number 1 and 2, you will find that the numbers keep on reducing. There is only a single chairlift in the park, and the number of trails is 32. The vertical height of the bike park is 2077 feet. The area is covered with forests, and since it is situated near a resort city Taos, it is a beautiful place that must be tried. You will find everything to be perfect on the trails, from epic jump lines to North shore style trails. We divide the trails according to the level of the bikers.

4. Evolution Bike Park At Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Colorado

This park was founded in 2009, and it is situated at the height of 975 feet. There is a single chairlift serving the park. The number of biking trails, though, stands at 29. The growth of this park in the past few years is fascinating. This is precisely why you should give it a try. Its most fascinating fact is its trails that are downhill and cross-country trails. The trails are not separate; they form a network.

5. Killington Bike Park at Killington Resort Vermont

This park is one of the most exciting parks you will see on this list. With three chairlifts serving the park and several 35 trails at the height of 2200 feet, this park is truly a marvel of creation. We divide this resort into three parts.

  • Snowshed
  • Ramshead
  • Killington Peak

These sections depend upon the levels of the bikers. From beginners to intermediate, the Snowshed is the best choice. Ramshead offers trails for intermediate and professional bikers and if you want the best experience, go for the Killington peak.


Although there are several resorts and parks that are known for their services to the bikers, the few names above will provide you with an experience of a lifetime. These details might satisfy your concern about the best mountain bike parks in the US. So, you must give them a try and enjoy their services.