Road bikes can be costly and not even high-performing. However, a significant road bike can come in handy for many things. Whether you want to go to the nearest café for lunch or buzz through rugged trails, you can do it all on a road bike. It is such a liberating feeling to have the wind blowing across your face while you paddle to get to your destination. A few bike brands have reached a milestone in the biking industry. Hiland is one of the brands that produce impeccable road bikes. Hence, this article is a Hiland 700C road bike review where we dig deeper into its features.

The Hiland road bike is one of the reasons why people want to embark on long-distance journeys. We love how the Hiland 700C bike is a complete package for people who want it all. The bike is made in Taiwan with high-quality aluminum, enduring harsh weather conditions. You will love the fenders, the lights, the high-quality wheels, and every accessory it comes with. The mechanical disc brakes provide impeccable stopping action like no other. Whether riding on a slippery surface or a smooth road, you will feel extremely confident.

Hiland 700c Road Bike – Product Overview

  • Lightweight Frame
  • Double caliper brakes
  • Professional Shimano Drivetrain
  • 700C Tires
  • Size S (50 cm) for people between 5’5″ & 5’9″,Size M (55 cm) for people between 5’10” & 6’2″, Size L (60 cm) for people between 6’3″ & 6’7″

The Hiland 700C bike has to be one of the sturdiest and high-quality bikes you will ever find. The bike is made in Taiwan, where the best materials are curated to make a bike that would last you a lifetime. The aluminum frame is made with utmost excellence to deliver durability like no other. We like the bike’s design and aesthetics, making it look modern and eye-catching. If you are looking for a bike that works on multiple surfaces, then the Hiland road bike is perfect. It provides a great experience as you get to use the lights and fenders for a seamless ride.

The Hiland 700C bike is a treat to use if you like mechanical disc brakes. The brakes are highly responsive and work with optimal precision. We cannot emphasize its 700C tires that are large enough to love over rugged paths. You will love the 24-speed options as they allow you to feel as if you can customize your riding style. We are sure you would appreciate that it comes 85% assembled, which requires minimum to no work to put together. The bike is extremely lightweight and mobile. Let’s have a detailed look at its features:

Key specifications

Brand  Hiland
Brake style  Disc 
Number of speeds  24 
Frame material  Aluminum 
Included componentsTool kit 
Suspension type  Front 

Features in Detail

Bike’s structure

A bike’s frame plays a pivotal role in ensuring it will last a few years. Hiland is one of the brands famous for its sturdy frame. We love how the steel structure is ideal for buzzing through challenging terrains and riding through smooth roads. The bike’s frame is made in Taiwan, and it is made with high-quality curated materials. You can take the bike on tricky terrains, and still, it will give you high performance.

24 speed options

If you are looking to get an excellent speed option on the road and use the bike in multiple ways, it is a great bike for you. Hiland comes with 24-speed options that you can use on multiple terrains. You can switch the gear and speed up the bike when going uphill. On the other hand, you can reduce the speed and go downhill. We love how it provides swift-gear changing action, the gears buttery soft to change. You can use the thumb grip to change the gears.


Brake is one of the main components that make you feel secure when riding on rough terrain. Hiland gives a good emphasis to the brake and ensures they have a good stopping action. We love how you can press the brakes to get immediate stopping action. The mechanical disc brake is perfect as both on the front and rear end. You get reasonable control over the bike when going downhill, avoiding accidents. The highly responsive brakes are ideal as your bike comes to a sudden halt.


If looks are not great, you wouldn’t want to spend even a single penny on the bike. Considering how people are attracted to aesthetics, Hiland puts a lot of thought behind its design. The skinny metal rods and clean wiring make the bike look chic. Once you glance at the bike, you wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation as it will undoubtedly make heads turn. The aluminum rims and alloys are super lightweight but make the bike extremely responsive. We like the high-safety color, ideal as it won’t scratch off and endures various weather conditions.


One of the best qualities of the Hiland bike is that it is super lightweight, which adds to its mobility. Despite having a heavy-duty aluminum frame, it is pretty lightweight and maneuverable. The bike can pass through small curves and work ideally on all surfaces. Despite having a lightweight frame, the weight of a tall person is ideally distributed, making it easier to stride fully. On the other hand, the 700C tires are perfect for covering a long distance in just a few paddles. The paddle and handlebar are also lightweight. Overall, the Hiland 700C road bike is 12.8 kilograms.

Why do we like the Hiland 700C road bike?

Hiland 700C bike is an ideal choice for multiple users; it has many advantages that you can make use of. Here are a few features that we like and many people will appreciate:

High-quality saddle

Many things help make a bike comfortable and worth using. However, if the saddle is uncomfortable, you will not feel that great. Hiland pays special attention to all its bike accessories, including the saddle. The padded saddle lined with soft foam is perfect for all users. You can sit tight on the bike and cross various terrains without feeling disoriented. Also, it is easier to adjust the saddle according to your height and handlebar. The slanted handlebar position helps align the body and takes the pressure off your back.


The straight handlebar is not included in most bikes; they are usually inwards or slanted. We like the Hiland road bike handlebar as they are straight and work exceptionally well for running casual errands. You can keep your back straight at all times, which helps in improving your posture and avoiding neck pain. The padded grips are perfect for fostering tight hold and preventing your hands from getting moisture. We like how the straight handle is easy to hold and gets you going in the right direction. The handle is also straightforward to maneuver, making it easier to pass through narrow lanes.

Easy to assemble

A bike that is hard to assemble makes your mood sour on the very first day. The thought of calling a professional for help already stresses people out. However, you will feel at ease when receiving the Hiland bike because it is 85% assembled. You need a few tools to assemble the bike, which Hiland provides. You have to read the details in the manual and start assembling the bike. You have to screw in the paddles and handlebar to get started. It takes less than an hour to assemble the bike and start riding it.

Why don’t we like the Hiland 700C road bike?

We think the Hiland 700C bike’s disadvantages are not that much, but we should look at them. Here are some disadvantages:

Need professional tuning

If you ride the road bike on rugged trails, you will need to get it tuned often. However, you cannot tune the bike at home; you need to call for a professional’s help.

Less shock-absorption

We love how the bike is an ideal fit for multiple roads, but you cannot expect much shock dampening. Its forks are not high-quality, making the ride super shaky on uneven roads.

Pros & Cons


  • Sturdy structure
  • 85% assembled
  • 700C tires
  • Stunning design
  • 24-speed options
  • Mechanical disc brakes


  • Need professional tuning
  • Less shock-absorption

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Hiland a good bike brand?

We think Hiland is a good brand because they believe in providing high-quality bikes that are easier to assemble.

What material is used to make a Hiland bike?

The Hiland bike is made in Taiwan, and good-quality aluminum material is used to make it.

How much weight can a Hiland bike hold?

A Hiland bike can hold more than 300 pounds weight; it is best for people taller than 5’4″.


There is nothing best than investing in a bike that performs exceptionally well. This Hiland 700C road bike review highlighted everything you need to know and much more. The bike is ideal for slightly taller people who like to run a casual errand on it.