Modern-day life is full of extremities. People always want to push them to the limits, but they can achieve more productive results with low impact and a constant input. Similarly, if we talk about cycling, it is one of the best exercises in the world. But people prefer other means such as hectic gym exercises to ensure that they get the best results. But they can achieve the same results by cycling, which has a low impact but better productivity.

The mountain adventures you plan for your cycling experience can help you enjoy a perfect time with yourself and witness the marvels of nature. But if we observe closely, we will come to know that not many mountain bikes can help you in this endeavor, so you have to scrutinize the options to get the perfect one that will offer the experience of a lifetime. This Hiland Mountain bike review will help you get all the required details for making the best choice.

Hiland Mountain Bike – Product Overview

Hiland Mountain Bike Product Review
  • Lightweight aluminum rims and magnesium wheels
  • Good performance suspension fork
  • Shimano 21 Speed drive train, a wide range of gears gives you more control for climbing
  • 85% pre-assembled, easy to assemble, free pedals
  • 17” frame size is ideal for riders between 5′ & 6′

Most bikers do not want to switch their bikes. Therefore, anyone looking for a bike must be a newbie or a person looking for an upgrade. Whether you belong to any of these categories, you will find the Hiland Mountain bike ideal for everyone. Especially for those in quest of the XC tires in a mountain bike looking for a commuting solution that matches all the set criteria, the Hiland Mountain bike is the only product that will stand true to your expectations.

With the help of the disc brakes, the precision of stopping the bike is marvelous, and you might not forget the hang of these brakes. The bike is equipped with a front suspension fork and a 21-speed shifter that makes the bike a perfect solution for all trail lovers. Now you might love adding accessories, so the additional mounts help you attach the accessory of your choice, such as a rack or fender. This will help you enjoy the biking experience and live it to the greatest extent.

Key Specifications of Hiland Mountain Bike

ManufacturerHH HILAND
ForkSuspension fork
Speed levels21 speeds
RimDouble Aluminium rim
TireKENDA 26×2.125: A/V
Weight33.4 pounds
Wheel size26 inches

What We Like About HILAND mountain bike

A bike standing true to all standards

The standards ensure that the quality of the products is of the utmost importance and the customers get the desired characteristics they pay for. Therefore, the states conduct regular checks upon the industrial sector to ensure their quality. Also, the industrial sector’s quality control department helps them maintain the level of the bike according to the desired standards.

Now the policies of Hiland state that the bikes for people of all age groups should be tested true to the American bicycle standards. All the bikes, including the Hiland Mountain bike, are passed for CPSC 16 CFR 1512. Now, this might make you love the product. Still, you will find it more attractive when you will come to know that Hiland has procured two certificates, including “General Certificate For Conformity” and “Children’s Product Certificate” for their bike manufacturing services.

A bike for beginners

Although the pro bikers can easily associate them with any bike, this is not the case for beginners. In fact, they require a bike whose features are friendly for them. The Hiland Mountain bike has aluminium rims combined with magnesium wheels. Both characteristics make the bike extremely light and lower the weight mark. Thus, it offers a lower threshold for the energy required to bring the bike in motion.

Also, the bike’s design is so perfect that it will help you break the wind resistance, and you will be able to pass through all kinds of terrains with ease. Whether you choose dirt, gravel, or pavement, the bike’s efficiency will not differ at all.

The perfect frame

The bike’s frame can be confirmed as the primary body of the bike. If the frame is of the utmost quality, you will find that the bike will stand true to the expectations. The aluminium frame used in the manufacturing of the Hiland Mountain bike has several associated features that make it more productive than the frames of other bikes made from metals other than aluminium.

The bike is light in weight. Also, the excellent performance suspension fork enhances the effect of the frame and makes it best for beginners. So, whether you are taking part in the single-track races or open areas, you will find the Hiland Mountain bike to deliver its best on every stage.

Speed drive train

The bikers demand that the drive trains of their bikes are kept at a professional level. Therefore, the Hiland Mountain bike is equipped with several gears that offer precise gear shifting, and the process is so smooth that you will fall in love with the gearbox. Also, these gears help you achieve different speeds and drive just according to the demand of the terrain.

The 21-speed shift drive train makes you go faster than the speed of light and help you enjoy every single moment you spend on the back seat of your bike. Thus, the control of the bikers while climbing and descents on the bike never lowers. You will also get a similar experience on the jumps and corners too.

The perfect sizing

The size of the product matters a lot. Since the users belong to different age groups and the physical aspects such as height and weight, the bike must stand true to these features, or otherwise, it will not get the desired marketing mark. This is precisely why the frame size of the Hiland Mountain bike is kept at 17 inches. This frame height is ideal for those with a height mark ranging between 5 feet and 6 feet.

The limited lifetime warranties

Like all the HILAND products, the Hiland Mountain bike also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Now you must be wondering about the factor of limited warranty. Then according to the details available, you can only get the warranty service in return for the manufacturing defects in products. Also, this warranty is only valid till the time you own the bike.

Customer Services

There are times when you require expert and professional help, especially while assembling the bike. At that time, you will find the team of experts of Hiland mountain bike manufacturers and representatives to help you with all their might and walk you through the whole process.

What We Don’t Like About HILAND mountain bike

Partial assembly

Who wants to purchase a product and then assemble it himself? Surely no one wants to do so. But if we look, we will know that the Hiland Mountain bike comes in a partially assembled form. This means that the bike is assembled about 85%, but some minor parts such as pedals, seats, and handlebars require assembling. But this is not a very amiable factor on the customer end.

Also, the reason is that most of the customers do not know how to assemble the product. Therefore, they might experience fiasco. Although you will get the desired tools required for the assembly process along with the product and there will be an instruction manual too that will guide you step by step. But still, many customers make disasters come true by assembling the fork backward.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the end of the Hiland mountain bike open or bolted?

The ends of the Hiland mountain bike have open ends.

How to perfectly assemble the Hiland Mountain bike?

The Hiland mountain bike can be easily assembled, and if you look, you will come to know that the instruction manual offers complete details. Also, all the desired tools are provided along with the product. But in case you are unable to complete the task, and there are some ambiguities, you can contact the customer service representatives.

What is the material used for the building of the frame of the Hiland Mountain bike?

The Hiland Mountain bike has a frame carved from aluminum, making it light in weight but strong.

Pros and Cons


  • Certified product
  • A product for beginners
  • Aluminium rims
  • Magnesium wheels
  • 21-speed shifters
  • Aluminium frame
  • Lightweight
  • Breaks wind resistance


  • Partially assembled
  • Ambiguity in assembling of fork


No one can be a better friend in the mountains than a bike. Therefore, if you have a bike that stands true to all standards, then you will get an experience of a lifetime on the trails. The Hiland mountain bike review helps you in deciding whether this bike has the desired specifications that you desire in your dream bike or not. Also, all the mentioned positive and negative aspects help you make a wise decision.