Want to get in shape once again and not just like before but better? Then why don’t you give cycling a try? This phenomenon will surely help you gain momentum in your life, and you will never forget the hang of biking. Also, from muscle building to strengthened immune system and concluding with mental wellbeing, the benefits of cycling are unlimited. But which bike should be used for cycling is a question that pops up in the public’s minds?

This Hiland Road Hybrid Bike review provides you with an undetailed analysis of one of the most popular cycling products that will surely amaze you. Especially if you want to hit the roads, then the Hiland Road Hybrid Bike specifications are perfect for your endeavors. Just procure it and starts your adventures, and you will feel that life has opened a new chapter for you. It is not a time to think for those who are still wondering. In fact, it is a time to act. Just procure a bike and see the miracles.

Hiland Road Hybrid Bike – Product Overview

Hiland Road Hybrid Bike Review
  • Aluminum frame with mechanical DISC-brake design
  • SHIMANO 24(3*8gears) speeds change system
  • KENDA 700*40C High-performance tires
  • Weight: Approximately 32lbs with pedals
  • Size 49cm for 5’7” & 5’10”, 53cm for 5’9” & 6’1″,57cm for 6’1” & 6’5″

Most of the bikers are road lovers since you seldomly find time to go out and try your luck in the mountains in the urban areas. Thus, a mountain bike will not suit you at all. A road bike such as Hiland Road Hybrid Bike with a lightweight aluminium frame will be the perfect solution to your problems. A strong structure developed for road usage and equipped with SHIMANO 24 speed change system offers you an experience of a lifetime. Whenever you set out on the road, you will indeed thank the aluminium rims.

With high-performance tires, the bike’s grip on the road is higher compared to the competitive products available in the market. Due to a partial assembly, you do not have to put in much effort, and the product will be ready for usage within no time after delivery. Also, the perfect dimensions and weight offers you the best experience of biking and help you in enjoying every moment you spend on the bike seat.

Key Specifications of Hiland Road Hybrid Bike

ManufacturerHH Hiland
BrandHH Hiland
Size54 x 29.3 x 8.6 inches
Weight32 pounds
Frame size53 cm

What We Like About Hiland Road Hybrid Bike

Aluminum frame

Like every bike that offers lightweight and strength to the users, the Hiland Road Hybrid Bike also has an aluminium frame. The perfect HILAND aluminium frame makes the body more appealing and stronger. Since the bike is for roads and every passer-by will witness your biking. What they will observe at the very first sight is which bike you are using. If you are cycling a dull bike with no strength, then the road experience might not work well.

Also, the stability of the frame is of the utmost extent. Not like other bikes where you cannot guarantee whether the frame is stable or not. The HILAND aluminium frame is a perfect example for frame manufacturers. The durability helps build a trustful relationship between the bike and the biker.

Disc Brake Design

The aluminium frame is equipped with a disc brake design. As a result of this design, you get the experience of using mechanical disc brake assembly. Safety can never be compromised. You can never predict the conditions you might meet once you are on the road. Thus, in this case, you should need all the tools that are of the greatest extent and whose productivity cannot be questioned.

Therefore this Hiland Road Hybrid Bike is equipped with a 180 mm radius mechanical brake at the front and at the rear side the size is reduced to 160 mm. Thus they offer you complete control over the bike and help you utilize a precise braking system perfect for all terrains and weathers. Regardless of the prevailing situation, the only one in control is you.

The physical features

Although the mechanical features of any bike are of the utmost importance, we must not neglect the physical features too. So, if we observe the Hiland Road Hybrid Bike, then the weight of the whole product is only 32 pounds. For an assembly of such stature, this weight is minimal. The reason is that the aluminum metal used for manufacturing the frame is very light in weight.

Also, if we look at the different sizes available, we will be shocked to see the list because it covers almost all users of all heights. For those with a height between 5 feet 7 inches and 5 feet 10 inches, the size is kept at 49 cm. It increases to 53 cm for people with 5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet 1 inch. Another size of 57 cm is also available for those with a height of 6 feet 1 inch and 6 feet 5 inches.

Speed change system

The SHIMANO 24 speed change system is installed in the Hiland Road Hybrid Bike that provides you with an experience of enjoying stable speeds on the roads. The Shimano components include a well-matched rear derailleur too. This derailleur, combined with the cassette, makes it easier for you to drive the bike on the hills. These SHIMANO components also include a thumb grip switch that can control the entire assembly and give you control over the gear shifting to offer smooth driving on the roads.

The wheel assembly

Although all parts play a vital role in the functioning of the bikes, nothing can replace the wheel assembly. The quality extent of the wheels helps us determine whether the bike is good or poor in its built quality. The Hiland Road Hybrid Bike is equipped with aluminum rims. These rims also offer the integration of SHIMANO 12-32T cassette and KENDA 700x40C tires. These high-performance tires offer you an exceptional riding experience. The one you will never forget in your entire life.

What We Don’t Like About Hiland Road Hybrid Bike

Partial assembly

Gone are the days when the customers had no issue joining the parts of purchased products and assembling them. In the busy life of modern times, this isn’t very pleasant. The Hiland Road Hybrid Bike comes in a partially assembled form. You cannot rank it as the best one or in the list of the worst ones because of the partial assembly. So, your opinion keeps on dwindling in the air.

Although the parts that are unassembled and require assembly on delivery are minor and easy to assemble, the task is not very amiable. The installation tools are also provided along with the bike for the customer’s ease that might help in doing some magic.

The warranty factors

How confident a manufacturer is about the quality of his product can be deduced from the warranty that he offers. If we look upon the Hiland Road Hybrid Bike specifications, we will come to know that although there is little information regarding the warranty of the rest of the parts. But we are sure that the warranty of the bike’s frame is kept at 5 years mark.

Many manufacturers are offering a lifetime warranty for their bikes until and unless you own the bike yourself. So, if we run a comparative analysis, then the warranty factor of the bike is not up to the mark compared with the competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Hiland Road Hybrid Bike have a warranty?

There is a warranty for the Hiland Road Hybrid Bike frame, and the warranty period is only five years.

What are the different sizes of the Hiland Road Hybrid Bike?

There is a complete size chart to choose your desired size. For those with a height between 5 feet 7 inches and 5 feet 10 inches, the size is kept at 49 cm. It increases to 53 cm for people with 5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet 1 inch. Another size of 57 cm is also available for those with a height of 6 feet 1 inch and 6 feet 5 inches.

Are the tools for assembling the Hiland Road Hybrid Bike provided with the product or not?

Yes, the installation tools are offered with the product and are provided in the same package for ease of the customers.

Pros & Cons


  • Versatile sizing
  • Lightweight
  • HILAND aluminium frame
  • 180 mm radius front and 160 mm radius rear disc brake assembly
  • Strong aluminium wheels
  • KENDA 700x40C tires offer high grip


  • Partially assembled
  • The warranty period is very low compared to the other products


Biking is a sport that is recognized all over the world. Its benefits are evident, and thousands of different researches support this fact. This Hiland Road Hybrid Bike review will help you get an idea that if you want to understand the specifications of any product, then a bit of research will help you make a wiser decision. We hope that you find the details mentioned above satisfactory and get yourself acquainted with the best road bike you can find in the market.