Do you often hit the rocky road on an MTB and conquer intense challenges? A mountain bike is probably the best thing to own if you like to go buzzing through rocky paths. While the MTB tires are made to endure impact from challenging terrains, they might wear out sooner than you know. As a tire amateur, you may not realize when your tire needs changing. Sometimes, the tires may not look visibly worn out but make the ride unsafe.

On the contrary, the tire may look fine but bubbles while biking. Do you want to know exactly how long do mountain bike tires last? We have got you covered because in this article, we will discuss the life of MTB tires and when they need replacement.

How long does the MTB tire last?

As a mountain bike owner, you must always be concerned about its maintenance, especially the tires. It is not less than a nightmare to go on a challenging trail and return on foot. Tire replacement is one of the maintenance activities that you must not neglect if you want to avoid complicated situations. The life expectancy of the MTB tire depends upon the trails and roads you use it on.

On average, the tire lasts anywhere between 1.5 to 2 years. Two years is a significant period to use one MTB tire. However, you can only use it for a much more extended period if you maintain it well. If we talk about the mileage of an MTB tire, it gives 2000 to 8000 miles. We think it is exceptional mileage, especially for rocky and rugged trails. To get optimal MTB tire performance, you must use the bike on trails with fewer sharp rocks. Although the maximum lasting ability of a tire is two years, yours can need replacement in two days if you are unlucky. A sharp rock or pin can make it blast in mere seconds. Hence, it is essential to be super cautious and ride mindfully on bumpy trails.

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Signs that your tires need to be replaced

As we mentioned, your tire may not look visibly worn out, but you can alleviate the bike’s performance after replacing it. It doesn’t mean you have to spend money on tire replacement every time unnecessarily. You must know precisely when to replace tires to avoid accidents and alleviate performance. Here are some signs are a tell-tale that your tire needs replacement:

1. Visible damages

One sign that tells you your tire needs replacement is visible burnout signs. If your tire threads are cracking excessively, you might want to invest in a new one. You never know when the tire will burst on you, leaving you seriously injured. If you look closely, you may be able to see fabric peeking through. It is one of the most prominent signs your tire needs changing. Another visible damage sign is damage and cuts on the tire’s sidewalls which may cause the gas to leak. You are in for some serious trouble if you take MTB with visible tire damage on aggressive riding.

2. Constant punctures

Another evident sign that you must not ignore is constant flats. An MTB tire is made to endure harsh external factors. Hence, it does not puncture easily when riding it on rugged terrains. However, when the tire gets old, it gets flat faster. You will blow unmeasurable money on getting it fixed all the time. Hence, it is better to replace it and have a trouble-free ride.

3. Tire wobbles

Experts recommend checking tire pressure whenever going out for a ride. The pressure should be according to the suggested PSI standards. A damaged tire may wobble a few minutes into biking even if the pressure is okay. You may not feel as steady or balanced on the MTB. You will notice a massive improvement in performance after replacing tires.

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Quick tips to make your MTB tires last longer

Are you someone who faces flat tire issues all the time? Rather than dealing with tire replacement costs, you must make a few efforts to make your MTB tires last longer. Here are a few tips that can make your bike tires last longer:

1. Keep them away from UV rays

Tires are mostly made with reinforced rubber, a high-quality material, but it tends to deteriorate when kept in the sun for longer. Hot surfaces and high-temperature environments are probably your tire’s worst enemy. Hence, if you want to preserve the MTB tires for a longer period and push them to their maximum life expectancy, keep them cool. Even if you are riding it on a strenuous trail on a hot day, keep it in a shaded place. You don’t want the rubber to be breaking down faster and increase your expenses.

2. Avoid rocky trails

A mountain bike has special tires that can resist shock and are apt for demanding trails. However, you must avoid riding over sharp rocks and bumps too much. You may never know when a sharp object can make your tire burst. Hence, it would be best to try to avoid unnecessary expenses and accidents as much as you can.

3. No skidding

It is so fun to skid on hard surfaces. When skidding on hard surfaces, the friction can cause your tires to wear out and burn. You may notice your tire burning out faster when you perform such stunts. Hence, avoid skidding if you want to maximize your tire’s life and performance.

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We hope we were able to answer all your tire-related queries, such as how long do mountain bike tires last? It is fun to buzz around rocky trails and skip through sharp objects smoothly. However, it can hamper your tire’s life and cause damage to your pocket. You can use the tips mentioned above to elongate your MTB tire’s life.