Huffy Fairmont Cruiser Bikes – 20 Inch cruiser bike has become the top pick among kids. If your kid has always been a fan of cycling, you can give him Huffy Fairmont on his next birthday as a present. This reviewed bike is quick and hassle-free to assemble. It is of excellent quality and allows your kid to ride safely while experiencing the thrill and excitement as well. You can have 20 Inches, 24 Inches, and 26 Inches in the size range.

When it comes to your child’s first bike, you have to be very sure that he rides on the safest vehicle. Choose a Huffy Fairmont Cruiser Bikes – 20 Inch for your kit which looks comfortable, elegant, easy to ride and fun. You can have the Huffy Fairmont because it is built according to the highest and latest cycling standards. In addition, it makes your child confident whenever he cycles on Fairmont.

Its design looks100% balanced and engineered by considering the kid’s physique. If your child is about to hit and ride on real singletrack, being a responsible parent, you must get a good-quality bike for him, and Huffy is a big brand you can definitely prefer.

This brand makes stylish and durable all-new kid’s bikes. They have got this full lineup and latest collection of kids’ bikes which you can try out. This Fairmont bike only shows high-level performance and 100% kid’s friendly features. We have penned-down more of the details on this fabulous and resiliently constructed cruiser bike. You can see the details and forward us your queries:

Overview of Huffy Fairmont 20 inch

Huffy Fairmont Cruiser Bikes - 20 Inch

The general overview of the Huffy Fairmont Cruiser Bikes – 20 Inch will give you an idea of how this cruiser bike became the favorite among kids! This brand makes kids’ bikes and even received an extensive reputation in making top-notch and first-class scooters and ride-on.

Huffy has got a great collection, and both kids and adults have become die-hard fans of their mountain bikes and comfortable looking cruiser. In addition, they have been in this industry since 1892; they ensure quality in their bikes collections and nonetheless superior performance each day.

First of all, its assembly process can be completed in a blink. Even your child can assemble this cruiser bike without needing your help. This reviewed bike is based on the Quick Connect system, and this respective mount the bike quickly. You merely have to follow the steps provided by the brand, and that is all! The main steps that need to be done are inserting the fork and handlebar! Moreover, fold down the pedals, insert the seat and adjust it if there is a need to do so.

If your child falls in the age bracket of 5-9 and his height is 44-56 inches, he will definitely have a safe and comfortable ride on the Huffy Fairmont bike. The only thing to ensure is to properly inflate the tires before allowing your kid to get a ride.

Above and beyond, it is generously and perfectly padded. The kid will get real comfort and see no uneasiness while cycling. Moreover, the seat has been stitched and comes with lavender piping. It gives a plush look, and a Huffy logo is injected into it. The logo is in embroidered form. The dual springs bring additional safety and comfort and ensure a cushion from all sorts of bumps and jolts.

You can even adjust the seat by using the alloy quick release system. The handlebar and seat height should match your kid’s height so that he can hassle-freely ride. Even more, you spot splash-resistant fenders and get no annoying surprises as long as you are cycling. The rear coaster brakes allow you to experience dependable control settings, and you can stop the bike if you see any emergency.

While your kid is growing up, make sure that he makes the best and most unforgettable memories. And how about allowing him to cycle on Huffy Fairmont? Yes, you should do that! The adjustable saddle guarantees a better fit. Moreover, the low gearing allows easy and quick pedaling time for your child. The fenders and chainguard will protect your child from unexpected splashes.

Key Specifications

  • Brand; HUFFY
  • Age range; Kids USP Foldable
  • Ideal for; Roads
  • Bike type; Cruiser
  • Suspension type; Rigid
  • Wheel size; 20 inches
  • Number of speeds; 1

Features of Huffy Fairmont Cruiser Bikes – 20 Inch

The quick-connect system, single-speed mechanism, generous padding, and elegant design make it a top-notch bike for kids. Now, we will further see what in-depth features are present in it:

Huffy Fairmont Cruiser Bikes - 20 Inch

Quick connect assembly process

The Huffy Fairmont Cruiser Bikes – 20 Inch bike meant for kids is partially assembled, and it will just take a few minutes to assemble the rest of the cycle. Just adjust the fork and handlebar, seat and pedals, and you are good to go.

Single-speed bike

This one is a single-speed bike which we have reviewed for you. As it is engineered for kids, that is why a single-speed mechanism is injected! Your child will remain safe, and no worries will be there.

Classic looking and cruiser styled frame

The cruiser styled frame makes it a fun, trendy and most stylish bike for kids. In addition, the frame is backed by a limited lifetime warranty time. It is packed with a charming lavender and impressive gloss finish. Besides, the frame is encased with a cosmic-cool and advanced geometric pattern. Your ride will become safe, smooth and swift because of the lavender wheels, resilient design and pinstriped tires.

Padded seat

If a bike has a padded seat, immense comfort is guaranteed to be given. And do you know that Huffy Fairmont Cruiser Bikes – 20 Inch has a padded, plush and stitched seat? Yes, it is true! The seat quality is extraordinary, elegant to touch, feel and sit and the dual springs cushion your body from jolts.

Alloy quick release system

The seat and handlebar are adjusted through the alloy quick release system. It is crucial for parents to adjust both of these components before allowing their child to ride on Fairmont. Thus, the alloy quick release system ensures the right fit and prevents the rider from witnessing accidental situations.

Final verdict

Thus, the Fairmont model is exclusively beach cruiser designed. It has a Kids Bike structure and is packed with a good-quality frame and fork. Moreover, it delivers 100% impact resistance. Your child can safely cycle over rocky terrains. Rest, the front and rear fenders and high-level rims make easy pedaling time.

It is one of the safest bike models for young riders. So, do you want to have it? It is encased with coaster brakes and gives phenomenal stopping power. Your child will cycle in full control. On the other hand, the enclosed chain guard will guard your kids against injury. Thus, every feature seems to be so pointed and top-notch in the Fairmont model. The minute your child sits on it, he will start to own this exclusive bike.

The single-speed drivetrain, padded seat and smaller grip make it a kid-friendly design. It is easy to learn, and your child will not feel unease while sitting because the dual spring and cruiser kind of seat has been injected. Feel free to let us know your views and comments about this Huffy bike!


  • The Assembly process is fast and easy
  • Cruiser steel frame
  • Generously padded


  • Slightly expensive


Is Huffy a good-quality bike brand?

Yes, Huffy is a good-quality bike brand. It makes comfortable bikes for adults and kids and managed to make a big name in the cycling industry in less time. Beginners must prefer Huffy bikes; however, it seems not a suitable pick for professional riders.

What is the purpose of a cruiser bike?

Cruiser bikes are used for general commuting, city riding and light trail expeditions. You can make them ride on the dirt trails. Instead of investing in comfort bikes, try getting your hands on good-quality and high-level cruiser bikes! They are ideal for low-impact rides and run smoothly on dirt paths and paved bike lanes.

What is the primary difference between comfort and a cruiser bike?

A cruiser bike looks simpler in design, demands minimum maintenance and includes internal hubs. These bikes are known for their durability. On the other hand, comfort bikes need extensive care and maintenance. But they give a much better and pro-level ride on hills and rough terrains at high speeds.


Thus, one of the best first-rate quick assembly cruiser bikes is here. You can invest in the Huffy Fairmont Cruiser Bikes – 20 Inch model. It promises to give a swift ride to your child, and he will love spending his cycling time on it. When assembling it, simply screw-on pedals. The front wheel is already pre-installed, and the head tube can be easily aligned as well. So, do you want to try out this great cruiser bike? You can do that! Stay connected.