Have you got tired of looking and constantly searching for the best adult road hybrid bikes? If yes, do not worry! Our team of experts has arrived to help and guide you. The Kent 700c Front Runner review clearly explains to us that it is a highly functional and world-class performing bike.

The Kent 700c Front Runner is a serious road bike. From its design and performance features, you know it’s a high profile ride. It is the kind of bike that endurance riders and racers will love. It comes within your budget range, functions remarkably, and offers a quick jerky-free ride. In addition, it is meant for beginners, enthusiasts, intermediate and professional cyclists. No doubt, it is a brand that you can fully trust. Below you can see further details that convince you why to try out this high-performance machine:

Overview of Kent 700c Front Runner

The racing world has always appreciated the quality and performance offered by the Kent 700c Front Runner bike. You can look at its basic overview and share with us how much you are satisfied with its functioning and operations.

Most noteworthy, it is economically friendly and included in the dependable road bike niche. Whether you want to go to the office or your friend’s house or feel like hiking to mountains, riding on this bike will always be safe and hassle-free. Note that it is a 7-speed bike accompanied by a Shimano rear derailleur. You experience a smooth and swift gear shifting experience.

Rest, it has a light frame, steel 3-piece infused cranks, and 36-spoke rims induced on the wheels. The presence of a padded Vitesse seat brings a lasting support element. Your long rides become so tiring-free and filled with mere pleasantness. And you can make the Kent 700c Front RunnerBike ride on smooth and rough surfaces. Even more, it is outfitted with a high-quality saddle and injected with an upright handlebar.

Overall, you will get great control, balance, and visibility even you ride on this bike during the night. It tends to carry extra weight and conveniently accommodate people of all heights. You can well see that the extra-wide handlebar, plush seat, and large-diameter grips have made it one of the top-most road bike models.

Alongside the relaxed frame geometry and deluxe comfort saddle that is engineered oversized are its other catchy and impressive qualities. The time has come to improve your riding and cycling game. Order this Kent 700c Front Runner and become part of the racing league.

Key Specifications

  • Brand: Kent
  • Cranks: Steel made 3-Piece Cranks  
  • Frame material: Steel
  • Tires: 700 x 28c Tires  
  • Rims material: Aluminum
  • Shifter: 7-speed shifter
  • Seat: Vitesse seat
  • USP: Ideal for long rides

Features of Kent 700c Front Runner

Here comes the exciting and informative part, where you will explore the critical features of this road bike. So, let us have a look at the details. Giving you a general idea, this bike has a steel frame, premium geometry, extra-large wheels, and can accommodate people of all heights and weights.

Moreover, it has an alloy handlebar and offers a broader grip time to the rider. The soft foam grips make it easier for the oversized hands to hold the handle. Other features that you will also spot are oversized saddle, front and rear fenders, premium and heavy-duty kickstand, and quick release seat post. The smooth cruiser tires come with red sidewalls, and there are additional wide cruiser pedals as well.

Extra-wide handlebars

The presence of extra-wide handlebars makes it a catchy suggestion. Because of the hefty and big handlebar, the riding moments will become more controlled and balanced. Most importantly, large and wide handlebars let the rider steer his path with accuracy and precision. This kind of construction brings more stability time for the rider, and he feels more control while turning and cornering the bike. Besides, larger handlebars allow you to experience ample maneuvering and give holders and gadgets an upfront room for mounting.

Smooth and large tires

This reviewed model is encased with smooth and large tires. It is generally assumed that Kent is one of the kings of making top-notch bikes, and the 700c Front Runner model has brought so much leisure and comfort along with it. If you think that moving on uneven and rough surfaces is difficult, get hold of the 700c Front Runner model because it has smooth tires. It gives you leisurely rides, and the massive tread on the tires brings an enormous amount of traction.

Shimano shifters for smooth gear shifting

The element of agile gear shifting is spotted in this model. You can efficiently shift the gear without seeing any hassle and trouble at your end. Even if you are a beginner-level ride, you can smoothly change the gears with ensuring accuracy and control. Remember to use the right gear when heading and cycling on the slopes. The rear 7-speed infused Shimano derailleur offers multiple speed options, and you can also safely cycle on the sloppy terrains.

Standard and high-quality 700c Wheels

The Kent 700c Front Runnermodel contains standard and high-quality 700c wheels. They carry the perfect weight and dimensions and effortlessly work on sloppy and uneven terrains.Beyond, the wheel-set is featured with the robust 36 spokes, and the aluminum rims encompass them. It means that you will get a stable ride on the patchy and rougher paths.

Lighter and Stronger Frame Design

The frame design looks 100% lighter and more robust. It weighs meager and gives you an agile and highly swift riding time. The lightweight profile of the frame makes this bike the apple of our eyes. It is primarily due to the more substantial and light frame that an aesthetic vibe will come into your bike.

Commuters have loved this model because the frame helps them maintain an upright, comfortable posture. It does not matter whether you are slightly taller or shorter; this Kent 700c Front Runnerbike is meant for all. Its pedaling system, seat height, handlebars position, and brakes placement make it a fully customized and easy to operate bicycle.

Quick and Hassle-free to Setup

Lastly, it is quick and hassle-free to set up. Most of the components are pre-assembled in the package, and you have to make minor adjustments. A little assembly time is needed, and all the parts come together quickly. Before starting the process, get the needed tightening tools at your side.

Pros & Cons


  • Smooth shifting Shimano components
  • Sturdy Steel Frame
  • Aluminum Rims
  • Low pedaling design
  • 30 min set up


  • Limited color options availability
  • Cheap seat

Should you buy Kent 700c Front Runner – Final verdict!

So, what have you planned now? Do you want to invest your money in this Kent 700c Front Runner bike? You can do that. It is a fabulous-looking adult road hybrid bike. The sturdy frame, smooth shifting of gears, aesthetic design, low pedaling system, and lightweight profile makes it one of the most incredible road bikes.

Buy it and get the most unforgettable ride on it. It looks fantastic, from its design to quality, performance, and other operational and technical features. You can undoubtedly get a high-profile ride on it. It endures through the rough and most challenging paths, and you will not experience a single bounce or bump during the ride. You will remain stable, composed, and well-positioned on the seat. For devoted riders, commuters, and even adventurers, the Kent 700c Front Runner bike is the one for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are hybrid bikes suitable for road biking?

You can have hybrid bikes for road biking and general commuting purposes. They are super stable bikes, offer immense control to the rider, and are exceptionally safe to use on uneven and rough surfaces.

What is the primary difference between a road bike and a hybrid bike?

Hybrid bikes remain excessively used for casual riding purposes. They keep the rider comfortable and relaxed upright. Besides, they have a shorter top tube while accessing the handlebars than road bikes. Thus, a hybrid bike is comparatively shorter, lightweight, and more upright than the other bike models.

How much can a hybrid bike run?

Hybrid bikes travel about 8 to 12 mph. On the other hand, touring bikes travel approximately 12 to 15 mph. It is generally assumed that a hybrid bike does not tend to travel as fast and speedily as a road bike.


If you have any more questions on the Kent 700c Front Runner review, you can forward and share that with us. One of the impressive adult road hybrid bikes has been launched, so do not miss out on ordering. It lets you train on all paths and roads, and that too with swiftness and bumpy-free mode.

Moreover, it allows you to spin and turn with 100% effortlessness. You can take it on the city roads at high speeds along ensuring utmost safety. The brand promises to offer smooth riding time if you especially take this model on the canal towpaths and forest roads and even on the single-track trails. Stay connected.