Do you want to catch up with complete and thorough details on the Kent GZR700 road bike 700c review? Here you can do that! It is a tremendous and world-class entry-level bike. The time has come to pedal with class and effortlessness, and it is only possible if you invest in a reliable bike model. It is built to last and comes with a TIG welded and malleable steel frame.

The presence of Shimano stem Shifters and robustly styled rear derailleur gives you a smooth ride. Shifting the gears seems so convenient to operate. If it is your first time riding on a bike and you are extremely confused, please stop panicking. The Kent GZR700 is hassle-free to ride, and no complicated operations are there. It shows the 21-speed range, and stopping this bike is no longer a problem. You only have to press the brake levers and alloy-made calipers and stop the cycle anytime.

Above and beyond, the high-profile and alloy Vitesse 36-Hole rims make this road so much good-looking. Lastly, the model remains equipped with a comfortable and plush seat. You can have it for lengthy rides, and your body will feel no tiredness. Remember that the weight capacity it can bear is 250 pounds. You can see the rest of the details now:

Overview of Kent GZR700 road bike 700c

Both beginner and expert riders have supported the use of Kent GZR700. It is an exceptionally designed bike that you can have for your garage. Most importantly, it accompanied a high malleable steel frame. The 21-speed stem shifters, double-wall rims on the tires, and alloy brakes make it a catchy recommendation.

The width of the tires is approximately 25mm, and the alloy brakes are engineered on the single-pivot mode. Indisputably, it is an impressive-looking road bike that has been sturdily built and engineered. Moreover, the brand has designed it with a lot of precision. You can see that it remains welded by injecting a tungsten-electrode welding style. This kind of construction ensures a smooth ride and effortless shifting of gears.

This one is not an average bike; in fact, it has outshined and outdone most of its competitors. Traditional road bikes fail to possess all the features mentioned earlier, and Kent International remains known and famous for making advanced road bikes.

It gives bumpy-free and fuss-free riding time. If you have always believed that pedaling and riding are tiring activities, stop thinking in such a way now! The minute you get the ride on Kent GZR700, you will definitely love the concept of cycling and starts to believe how much it is healthy for your health.

This reviewed road bike model also gives the best and most comfortable sitting posture. The shifting levers control the balance and speed range. Furthermore, the high-profile and alloy rims inject a stylish look. Your cycling experience will undoubtedly become valuable and productive if you make it a practice to ride on these high-quality bikes. Its comfortable seat eliminates the discomfort. The catchy quality is that this high-capacity carriage can bear weight up to 250 pounds which is pretty much sufficient and considerate.

So, are you ready to pedal together with your friends and pals? You should be! Kent International is a renowned family-owned business. They have been in the industry of making road bikes for over a century. The brand’s mission is to encourage a healthy lifestyle, which is why they motivate individuals to do cycling daily. Thus, your life and health will become better if you cycle and pedal every day!

Key Specifications

BrandKent InternationalBike typeRoad bike
Wheel size29 inchesSuspension typeRigid
FrameHigh tensile steel frameBrakesSingle Pivot alloy-made brakes  
Tires width25 mmUSP21 speed

Features of Kent GZR700 road bike 700c

Below we have written down the features of Kent GZR700. You can have a look at them so that you can know both the positives and negatives of it:

Kent GZR700 Road Bike 700c Review

Features Summary

  • Size Medium / 54 cm Frame
  • Steel Frame
  • 700 x 32c Tires
  • Alloy Seat Post
  • Shimano 21 Speed
  • 36 Spoke Alloy Rims
  • Alloy Caliper Brakes
  • Shimano Rear Derailleur

Premium and advanced construction

The brand has endorsed that premium construction and advanced engineering elements are encased in this road bike model. This is a 700C bike that includes a welded and high flexible steel frame. Most noteworthy, the inclusion of Shimano Shifters, rear derailleur, and 21-speed range makes the ride 100% effortless, smooth and bumpy-free. Starting and stopping this bike remains quick because brake levers have been encased and meant to perform this task.

Various speed gear shifters

The choice is up to the rider on which speed range he wants to ride this Kent GZR700 bike! Various speed gear shifters are there. Choose the one in which you are comfortable and safe to operate. You can conveniently enjoy the ride both at the slow and fast speed scale. In addition, the 21 different speed settings let you run this bike very slowly, medium to fast, and even very fast.

Brake levers immediately stop the bike

You never know when comes the emergency to stop the bike, so what to do in this situation? You must press the brake lever to stop the bike immediately. The brand has validated that high-quality and easy-to-operate brake levers are injected in this model. You can readily and fluently stop the cycle whenever you feel there is a need.

All the features present to give you the highest amount of control and balance. You enjoy total precision and comfort. The combination of the brake levers, speed shifters, and premium alloy brakes will not make your riding time disappointing. In fact, it will become safe and enjoyable. Ride as fast as you can, and that too safely and effortlessly.

Sturdy and stylish frame

The impressive quality of this Kent GZR700 road bike model is its sturdy and stylish frame. The frame has been tested thoroughly and extensively. Moreover, it can withstand and ultimately tolerate extreme strain, pressure, and stress.

The wheel forks are also made of steel and give you the firm standing and smooth-riding moment. It does not matter your total weight; you will enjoy comfort and balance. On average, a person up to 250 lbs can ride on it comfortably. Thus it is good to go road bike. Make it run any time, any day, and let us know your feedback.

Padded seat

It is evident that when a bike seat is not plush and padded, your whole journey will be filled with mere exhaustion and tiredness. But the Kent GZR700 model has a padded seat. The material injected in the seat is soft and relaxed looking. We know that long-distance riders prefer choosing bikes that have padded seats, and Kent GZR700 is among them! Your back will no longer suffer from fatigue and cramps with plush seats.

Final verdict!

All in all, this reviewed road bike model is a worthy pick. It is pretty and reasonably priced. It takes you safely and smoothly up and down uneven roads and rocky mountainous paths. Thus, your search and the whole hunting process end here when it comes to looking for the best and top-quality road bikes. Sleek design, lush and soft padded seat, premium brake levers, and gears make Kent GZR700 a superlative and ultimate bike.

Pros & Cons


  • High stretchable steel frame
  • Alloy double-wall rims
  • Single Pivot alloy-made brakes


  • Maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Kent Road bikes good?

Yes, Kent road bikes are of tremendous and super-quality. They make world-class cruiser bikes that are always fun and exciting enough to ride. In addition, these bikes run effortlessly and faster. Accompanied by 7-speed drive trains, your long-distance rides will remain comfortable and less tiring. Above and beyond, Kent bikes have comfy seats, sturdy designs and deliver high-quality performance.

Are road bikes suitable for beginners?

Road bikes have always been the most suitable and perfect choice for beginners. They are endurance-focused and bring no difficulty for beginner-level riders to use them. You can go on adventurous roads with such bikes and travel on gravels, uneven terrains, and off-road.

Are road bikes tough to ride?

Road bikes are not rigid and challenging to ride at all. In fact, you can use them at ease. The top-notch brands have made such exceptionally designed road bikes that you will not see any issue while getting a ride on them. They show fast speed, easy to pedal and run on all sorts of pavement.


You can share with us what other questions you have on the Kent GZR700 road bike! Kent international takes pride in making world-class road bikes, and among their top models, we have the GZR700. Wrapping up! It has a sturdy steel frame, alloy seat post, caliper brakes, and 21-Speed Shimano Shifter. The 36-Spoke Alloy Rims, lightweight construction, smooth pedaling, effortless shifting of gears, and easy acceleration make it a top-class model. Stay tuned for more updates on other road bike models.