The time has come to invest in a high-end and solidly crafted mountain bike, and among them, you can pick up the Mongoose Impasse model. But Mongoose Impasse Adult Mountain Bike Review will help you .It is meant for men, constitutes an aluminum frame, premium twist shifters, and front and rear located disc brakes. If you love cycling and constantly update and upgrade your bicycles collection, you can now include the Impasse model.
Above and beyond, it has got this perfect set of wheels, gives a smooth and swift ride, and is encompassed by the full suspension system. You can have it in lots of fantastic colors. It is a modern mountain bike incorporating grip shifters, padded saddle, and hi-fi looking quick-release seat post. Now, you can have enjoyable cycling time and experience hours of fun by getting a ride on Impasse. Mongoose Impasse Adult Mountain Bike Review.

Mongoose Impasse Adult Mountain Bike Review

The demand for mountain bikes is nowhere going down. They have become the talk of the town, and people are a lot more satisfied with the quality showcased by the Mongoose bikes. You can try out their Impasse model and share with us your views. It has an aluminum-made mountain-style frame. The frame comes with an internal cable routing and gives you a jerky-free and stable ride.

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Remember that there are 21-speeds encased in it, and you can make it run on a wide range of roads, paths, and terrains. The front and rear disc brakes remain adaptable for all terrains, and the rider receives maximum stopping power. On the other hand, the thread-less headset gives effortless and 100% smooth steering operations.
You will not have any trouble maintaining the Mongoose Impasse because its cleaning and maintenance routine is tiring-free and straightforward to follow. Rest, it has an aluminum 3-piece crankset and extra-large tires. The tires are of dimensions of 29 x 2.35-inches, and the rider remains stable no matter how rough the road is! If you fall in the height bracket from 5’4” to 6’2”, you must try this reviewed bike.

It has been since 1974 that Mongoose has become a globally recognized and most well-reputed brand. They make super durable bikes meant for BMX riding. In addition, their products are built on innovation, and Impasse is also one of them. Their BMX and mountain bikes and even their scooters are loved worldwide. You will get the most memorable riding experiences for sure.

The reviewed Mongoose Impasse model is conceptualized on the full-blown advanced phenomenon. No doubt, the mountain bike looks stylish and innovative. It has successfully pushed the bicycle boundaries by introducing and officially launching the first wave of full-suspension frames.

It is all high time that riders should be pushing their thrilling limits to new levels, which is possible if you ride on the Mongoose Impasse. It is one of such bikes which rips and swifts through gnarly mountainous trails. Mongoose Impasse Adult Mountain Bike Review The wheels have been entirely re-invented. You can even explore their current line of BMX. If you have tried out their other mountain and pavement bikes, let us know your views about them.

Thus, the aluminum-made full suspension frame smoothens bumps. We like you to get a ride on Impasse for your next adventure because it will not disappoint you. It guarantees quick shifting for any trail. The alloy rims add support and manage to roll over anything successfully. For more details, you can read out the below-written information.

Key Specifications

Key Specifications

  • Brand; Mongoose
  • Tires; Extra-large and 29 x 2.35-inch tires
  • Frame; Aluminum
  • Suitable for; Adult
  • Steering system; Crisp
  • Brakes; Front and rear disc brakes
  • Maintenance; Easy
  • USP; Extra grip and additional stability

Features of Mongoose Impasse

Undoubtedly, the overall features of Impasse seem hard to believe and but they are genuinely impressive and world-class. If you do not trust us, try a ride on Impasse and share your comments. Right now, you can go through the features for better understanding:

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Lightweight aluminum frame

The presence of an aluminum hardtail frame makes the Impasse mountain bike truly versatile. Moreover, the frame comes with a front suspension fork and gives bumpy-free riding on all trails and paths. Aluminum-made frames have been of huge significance in all ranges of mountain bikes. Such frames remain lightweight, durable, and stiff.
Gone are those days when bikes used to have standard steel frames. Besides, this frame quality is not prone and vulnerable to rust. It ensures stiffness, thus successfully providing stability when sprinting and climbing.

21-speed twist shifters

The Mongoose Impasse has 21-speed twist shifters. These shifters are encased with a rear derailleur, and it will be effortless for you to adapt to any road or terrain with no fuss.
You might have noticed this major drawback in the traditional mountain bike models; their disc brakes were of poor quality. But Impasse has first-class front and rear disc brakes. You enjoy a crisp and smooth stopping power by applying minimum pressure.

29-inch knobby and high-quality tires

It is primarily due to the 29-inch knobby and high-quality tires that the popularity of Impasse is getting increased. The rider receives enough grip and traction and successfully rips through all sorts of rugged trail conditions.
Thus, it is the most suitable entry-level mountain bike which you can roll over and ride on the roughest terrains. You can see that the presence of more tread in these tires guarantees more resistance and grip. Poor-quality mountain bike models have slick tires, and they also have less tread. But Impasse tires have more tread, making their surface smoother and grips the path less!


Very few mountain bikes are budget-friendly, and Impasse will not break your bank. Its low cost will give durability, premium features, and long-lasting use in a single package. Furthermore, it has a mountain-style geometry that provides a good value and overall return for the money.

Final verdict

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So, what do you think about this Mongoose Impasse? We are hopeful that it has impressed you a lot. The 29-inch large wheels will eventually push the rider to experience an easy cycling time, and he will be able to defeat and rip all obstacles which come in his way.

Even more, Impasse has a highly reliable and satisfactory front fork suspension system to get a tiring-free and comfortable. Lastly, 21-speed SRAM MRX shifters, TX-35 rear derailleur, smooth shifting experience makes it the best mountain bike.
If you have not yet hopped on a high-quality mountain bike, we recommend you prefer trying out Impasse. Trust us; it will not hold back your riding potential and instead further improve and enhance it and nonetheless makes it exciting and filled with 100% thrill.

Features like a strong aluminum frame, powerful suspension fork, and the perfect gearing mechanism allow you to handle all trails and gravel paths without any mess and difficulty. In any bike, rims quality matter a lot, and Impasse has both lightweight and strong alloy rims which roll over literally anything. You can even control the speed of this bike without any challenge, which is fantastic.
So, plan out your next cycling activity and choose the Mongoose Impasse this time! It is pointless to keep on holding back yourself. Life has given you so many great choices, avail them and pick up always the best thing for yourself. Finally, Impasse has arrived, and it has been introduced for elevating and oomph your ride.

Pros &Cons


  • Mountain-style frame
  • It gives a durable ride
  • Front and rear disc brakes


  • The packaging is dull


How much is the weight of mongoose impasse?

Mongoose Impasse weighs around about 44 pounds. This respective mountain bike seems a bit heavier than other bike models. But adult men can conveniently and smoothly move it without any trouble.

What are the primary characteristics of a mountain bike?

A mountain bike remains generally rugged, heavyweight, and durable. Their sturdy construction lets the rider rips through irregular and uneven trails. Moreover, these are unique bicycles that come with wide and flat handlebars. They facilitate control, and their tires are encompassed by a knobby tread pattern for traction.

What factors to look for in a mountain bike?

While getting a mountain bike, make sure you get it in the correct size. Moreover, it should have the right frame size and wheel size. Prefer suspension quality and pick up a future-proof design. It is recommended to invest in those mountain bikes with a smaller, compact, and more rugged frame and packed with wider tires.


Thus, we have reached the concluding part of the Mongoose Impasse mountain bike. Overall, it is a good bike, and you can have it! You will feel good on it, experiences a smooth and responsive cycling phase. In addition, it looks pretty decent in style and construction and believes to be a sturdy mountain bike. It can handle dirt and gravel roads and swiftly ride on the light trails and even on the hardcore downhill paths. Stay tuned.