You might have heard many reviews about the Mongoose Switchback Comp mountain bike. Here we have managed to develop a comprehensive and unbiased review; Mongoose Switchback Comp Review you can have a look at it.

Mongoose has extensive years of experience in making top-notch adult bikes. No doubt, the Switchback model has all the qualities a rider wishes to see. You can have it on single/double track trails and rips through miles and miles without bringing any tiredness into your bike or body. It smoothly runs on the gravel paths and ensures bringing excellent value.

You will get all-around fun and seek the perfect balance between control and speed. If you think that your cycling no longer looks more lively, swift, and responsive and the bike does not run flawlessly on the tight sections, you can have the Switchback because it seems to be a good choice.

Overview of Mongoose Switchback Comp

Mongoose Switchback Comp Review
Mongoose Switchback Comp Review

The presence of a Tectonic T1 aluminum frame, MTB saddle, good-quality tires, and disc brakes makes it a good enough pick. Its construction brings lightweight durability to every single component of it. In addition, the tires remain smooth and stable and promise added protection and quick stopping power. Thus, it is for all riding conditions that you can have Switchback.

Most importantly, and according to many customers, the frame construction and its engineering look stable, sturdy, and lightweight. We like to tell you that Switchback has an aluminum alloy frame, and it shows utmost excellence and is encased with advanced welding technology. Due to its sturdy nature, it can easily withstand and tolerate all sorts of harsh environments.

27.5 Inches tires endorse fastness, and the catchy part is that they have anti-skid patterns. Furthermore, Mongoose has packed these tires with wear-resistant quality and guarantee good shock absorption. It is due to the 18-speeds that the rider can cycle safely. Switching the gears is also quick, and you can operate them at your fingertips. Simply choose the gear which matches the terrain and set it accordingly.

Thus, the Switchback adult mountain bike showcases a great braking system and quick assembly process. The brake assures safe and hassle-free parking capability, and the cyclist’s life remains secure as long as he cycles at high speeds. So, are you ready to ride on the sloppy terrains? You should be! Control this bike like a boss because you will decide when and where to stop it.

Key Specification

Key Specifications

  • Brand; Mongoose
  • Ideal for; Trail
  • Construction; Lightweight and durable
  • Age range; Adult
  • Number of speeds; 18
  • Tires; 27.5 inch
  • Frame; Aluminum
  • USP; The excellent stopping power of disc brakes

Features of Mongoose Switchback Comp

Mongoose Switchback Comp Review
Mongoose Switchback Comp Review

Below you can see the primary features of Switchback, so let us check them out in detail:

18-speed professional and advanced shift

The Switchback bike runs at 18-speeds, and you experience the most professional gear shifting time. Besides, the front and back derailleur makes the ride ultra-smooth and convenient to travel for uphill climbing and downhill riding times. Thus, you will witness pure acceleration out from the Switchback bike.

Durable frame and fork

The frame looks highly durable, and it is made of aluminum. Most noteworthy, both the frame and fork are shock-absorbing in nature. They remain to adapt to various trails and road sections and resist the shocks and impacts.

You must understand that a shock absorber suspension flattens out and fully balances terrain irregularities. This kind of nature compresses and expands the wheels to move up and down and bring down the presence of shock, bumps, and the effect of potholes.

Disc brakes and maximum weight-bearing capacity

The disc brakes of the Switchback model possess quick stopping power. They confirm giving the safest traveling time to the rider. Note that the maximum load weight it can bear is approximately 220 lbs/100 kg, and we think it is sufficient and quite maximum. Most importantly, the disc brakes will give the perfect modulation compared to using rim brakes.

Such brakes make it simpler for the rider to precisely and accurately determine how much amount of clamping power has been generated. Thus, these disc-equipped bikes promise peak stopping power. They involve maximum finesse whether you have them for road or mountain biking. Everyday riders prefer to get a bike with disc brakes as they exhibit all-weather ability, which seems to be a definite boon, though!

Quick to assemble

The Switchback bike is an adult mountain bike that remains quick to assemble. It is about 90% pre-assembled, and the rest of the assembly tasks seem simple to proceed. You can hassle-freely install or remove the front wheel. You can also see that the front wheel accompanies a quick-release lever.

In addition, you only have to assemble the handle, adjust the seat cushion and install the front wheels and pedals. Meanwhile, do adjust the brakes and set the gears, and that is how you can complete the assembly process. The manual has penned down all the installation instructions; you can go through them if you are confused.

Excellent tires quality and adjustable padded seat

Mongoose has surrounded this model with perfect tires quality and an adjustable padded seat. The tires remain non-slippery, and they are even guaranteed to be made of explosion-proof materials. They deliver solid and resilient gripping time and ensure puncture resistance for the longest time.

Thus, you can have the Switchback for hillsides, gravel or use it for cruising around the city streets and trails. The ergonomic, padded and soft seat is easy to adjust according to your height needs.

Unique design

This respective Mongoose bike model has a unique design based on the advanced welding technology. Each component makes a solid and long-lasting connection with each tube, thus enhancing its operations and performance.

Switchback has adopted the high strength and responsive aluminum alloy frame technology to deliver high performance on rough and bumpy terrains. As you know that this one is an adult bicycle, which is why the front suspension and large knobby tires have been engineered precisely.

The bike makes sure that your off-road cycling time becomes a breeze and no longer tiring. Apart from witnessing excellent riding time on mountain roads, you will get a similar grand experience on highways and forestays.

More features

  1. The Quick Release Seat post makes the riding easier, breezy, and safe for all riders. Its height is adjustable, and the seat tube is also made of aluminum.
  2. In addition, the Smooth Drivetrain System makes it an excellent and hard to forget mountain bike. It adopts high-end shifters and exclusively designed derailleurs for guaranteeing a smooth ride.
  3. The Double Disc-Brakes makes the braking system so top-notch that customers have literally got stunned and surprised. Such a mechanism delivers an efficient braking effect.
  4. Though the frame is made of aluminum, its design has been streamlined. Besides, the frame has a rust-proof surface and looks simple, elegant, and fashionable.

Final verdict

Overall, the bike is a genuine depiction of durability and promises to resist abrasion, corrosion, and high temperature. Its paint and the finishing side are anti-aging, counterattack cracking, and deformation. If you have noticed that your present bike does not give a safe ride on complex terrains and rugged road conditions, you can pick up the Switchback.

It is dedicated to everyday riding and never loses grip and balance on the trail.
The 27.5″tires offer better grip. You will guarantee to get the best and high-end off-road performance. The presence of a lockable front fork and good-quality suspension fork absorbs a maximum number of bumps and thumps. It is meant for beginners and experts and exhibits the ideal blend of a powerful braking system and safe riding time.

Pros & Cons


  • The superior stopping power of disc brakes
  • Tectonic T1 aluminum frame
  • Stable and smooth ride


  • It runs out of stock sooner


How big enough is the mountain bike market?

The mountain bike market looks vast. The size of this market is getting bigger day by day. According to recent stats, the Global Mountain Bicycles Market was worth USD 7.38 Billion in 2018! It is expected to reach up to USD 10 Billion by 2026.

Do mountain bikes need cleaning and maintenance?

Yes, mountain bikes need regular cleaning and maintenance. They often get stuck by mud, grime, and sand and thus make your cycling time hassle-filled. While ripping through deep holes, smashing the gutters, and thundering up or down the hills might wear and tear the bike. That is why maintaining and cleaning them on priority.

Which paint is used on mountain bikes?

Spray paints or airbrush paints are used on mountain bikes. Make sure that you choose the high-quality paint pack to last for a long time on your bike.


You can share with us your queries if you have any about the Mongoose Switchback Comp mountain bike review. No doubt, it is lighter to ride and ensures 100% cycling performance. It is the most suitable option for outdoor adventures. So, what are you waiting for then? Go and get it! Make it run on the mountain trails and get a quick trip around the neighborhood. Stay tuned.