Let us have a look at the Mongoose Tyax Comp Review! Uncountable mountain bikes have been launched. Some have managed to impress us, and some did not meet our expectations.

But Mongoose Tyax Comp seems to be the most genuine and versatile mountain bike. It is meant for adults and is encompassed by 27.5 to 29 inches of wheels. The presence of an aluminum frame and hydraulic disc brakes makes it more long-lasting and safe to ride. You can have it in multiple colors, which means safe and exciting, fun cycling time will be given to the rider.

The Tyax Comp bike has all those features and superior qualities that any mountain bike must possess. It effortlessly does tough climbs, gives a quick ride and bouncy-free cycling time. Moreover, you can make winding switchbacks like a pro. Below you can go through the comprehensive review about it, and we hope you will be impressed because competent spec levels are there.

Overview of Mongoose Tyax Comp

Mongoose Tyax Comp
Mongoose Tyax Comp

The Tyax Comp bike launched by Mongoose created the most happening and exciting buzz globally. Bikers have loved riding on it! Most importantly, it gives the most satisfactory fork performance and comes with the fastest and smoothest rolling tires.

If you think your present bike does not give a thrilling riding experience on the mountains and off-road, you can have the Tyax Comp and see a big difference. Though Tyax looks ordinary, but its features and performance are extraordinary. Lots of its rivals have failed to beat its suspension fork system.

You can even call it an entry-level mountain bike. The most dominating quality spotted in it is its fork working mechanism. The rest of the components look average rate but the compression and rebound controlling mechanism of the SR Suntour- XCM V3 fork increases its points and overall worth.

You get the smooth and traveling time if you are on the Tyax Comp bike. Both the recoil and compression remain soft, and this respective quality further adds more confidence to the rider while he cycles on the rough and uneven terrains. Furthermore, durable and advanced construction lets the rider focus more if the mountainous road has a long series of bumps.

When it comes to steering, the Tyax Comp offers powerful operations. The rider effortlessly manages the high-speed descent without any fuss and trouble. Even more, when cycling at high speed, the fork will also dive quickly.

You can definitely have the Tyax for long climbs and tough rides. Its tires roll perfectly, and you can cycle for hours and hours without noticing any exhaustion in your body. Thus, it is one of the lighter bikes we have suggested to you. The 29″ and 27. 5″ wheels and uncountable tire options allow you to ride on a wide number of terrains. You can adopt any riding style and enjoy the cycling time at its peak.

Above and beyond, the 146 mm rear-hub spacing makes this bike remain more stable, bumpy-free and rigid. The internal cable routine brings added protection, and Kraton lock-on grips guarantee added comfort. We genuinely believe that mountain bikes should become an important part of your lives. Cycling on these bikes ensures good health and mental fitness.

The traditional mountain bikes used to bring tiredness and fatigue for the rider, and he no longer enjoyed cycling on those bikes for fitness purposes. However, the Tyax Comp is specifically meant for performing fitness and health-related activities.

Most importantly, mountain biking activates and strengthen your large muscle groups. Your heart starts to work steadily, and your fitness improves as well. Remember that mountain biking is an easy to follow and low impact sport. So, are you ready to become a part of this sport and make sure to have Tyax in this regard!

Key Specifications

Key Specification Shops

Mongoose Tyax Comp Review

  • Brand; Mongoose
  • Ideal for; Trail
  • Wheel size; 27.5 inches
  • Age range; Adult
  • Suspension type; Front
  • Brakes; Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Design; Advanced
  • USP; Aluminum frame
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Features of Mongoose Tyax Comp

Below we have highlighted all features of the Tyax Comp bike; you can have a look at them:

Aluminum Frame

Giving you a general idea, the presence of Tectonic T2 durable aluminum frame manages to make this entry-level bike lighter, robust and stronger. It is cautiously and solidly constructed.

SR Suntour fork

It seems to be one of the distinguishing features of Tyax Comp. The suspension fork keeps the bike under control, and you can smoothly ride for hours and hours. Moreover, the leg-top lever has been progressively injected to ensure the right pressure to compress the suspension fork.

Rest, the rebound damping mechanism remains well enough optimized and controlled. It eventually makes the riding time swift and responsive over rough terrains. Thus, it is all because of the 100mm SR Suntour Suspension fork, making it the best entry-level bike. The components incorporated in it are also entry-level and suitable to be used by beginner-level mountain bikers.

Tektro Draco Pro Designed hydraulic disc brakes

The Tyax Comp model is packed with the Tektro Draco Pro design hydraulic disc brakes. They offer decent performance and promises to be comfy, easy to operate and sturdy. In addition, they get engaged quickly. You can manage the brakes without seeing any fuss, and they immediately stop the bike without taking any extra time.

Well-constructed wheels

You will spot well-constructed and premium designed wheels. The only feature which has become a matter of concern is the durability and longevity of the KT hubs! Overall, the wheels perform well in sticky muddy roads, and they even give satisfactory performance in rough and drier conditions.
Thus, the bigger tires will automatically soften and smoothen up the ride. You can see that the package comes with 27.5″ and 29″ wheels and tires. They are compatible and suitable for an extensive range of riders.

More features

Mongoose Tyax Comp Review
Mongoose Tyax Comp Review
Mongoose Tyax Comp Review
  1. The tires of Tyax Compare are designed in tubeless-ready form.
  2. Drivetrains shift smoothly, and the lock-on grips validate to offer a comfortable and swift ride.
  3. It is exceptionally well packaged, and none of its components or hardware will ever get damaged during the shipping process.
  4. The Tyax Comp bike is quick to assemble. Less than one hour is needed to assemble it.
  5. In addition, the overall geometry of this bike model has been carefully conceptualized. The rider remains in the relaxed pose, and it is also easy to move through rough terrains.

Final Verdict

Thus, Mongoose Tyax is an attractive and eye-catchy entry-level bike. Positive reviews are collected by this hardtail mountain bike. It is lighter and more durable than other bikes. It gives unforgettable and the most smooth riding on single-tracks. Incorporating a front suspension fork and tubeless-ready tires immediately enhances the overall bike’s performance.

Rest, the hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano drivetrains, and the seat all work well. The bike shifts, twists, and turns crisply. The only negative feature that decreases its popularity is that it produces a bit of noise because the chain sometimes comes out of place, and the bike lacks a chain guide.

Overall, you can invest in it because it is more durable and rugged than its competitors. It rides swiftly on the narrow dirt trails and perfectly handles steep climbs and descents.

Pros & Cons


  • Aluminum frame
  • Ideal for all riding styles
  • Kraton lock-on grips


  • The customer support team is a bit in-active


Is Mongoose Tyax a good-quality mountain bike?

Yes, Mongoose Tyax Comp is a good-quality, exceptionally designed and solidly constructed mountain bike. It is an entry-level and beginner-friendly bike lighter than other traditional and old models of hardtail bikes. You can make it ride smoothly and swiftly on the single tracks, and it comes with a front suspension fork.

Is Mongoose a reliable BMX brand?

Mongoose is a reliable and well-known BMX brand. It makes top-notch and superior looking bicycles which are popular all over the world. In addition, the Legion Mag Freestyle by Mongoose is the most popular BMX Bike model, which the people still love. It has a hi-tensile steel frame, strong forks and ensures durability. Moreover, the rear alloy U-brakes guarantee enhanced protection and comfort, and you can even stop the bike on a dime.

Is it worth investing in a mountain bike?

Mountain bikes have been the most preferred choice for centuries. They are definitely worthy because they remain comparatively lighter and packed with more quality and reliable components. If you wish to get a high-end and hardtail mountain bike, make sure that it must be installed with a great suspension, catchy design and super sharp brakes.


That is all about the Mongoose Tyax Comp review. If you have been eagerly looking for an entry-level bike and could not find a suitable model, we suggest you have the Tyax Comp model. It possesses extensive capabilities and premium features and makes your cycling time the most exciting. If you have tried this model, you can share what positives and downsides you spotted in it.

Undoubtedly, Mongoose’s bikes have always pushed people to show increased participation in this low-impact sport. Almost all of their bikes fall on the budget-friendly spectrum. So, when will you order it! Stay tuned for more updates.