Do you use your mountain bike for daily commute purposes? If yes, you are on the same boat as us because they come in handy to travel around town. A mountain bike (MTB) would become even more versatile if it had a basket for storage. Can you put a basket on a mountain bike? If you wonder the same thing, the answer is yes. A rigid MTB is the best type to put a basket on the front or rear end. However, you may face a few issues if you own a mountain bike with suspension. We did in-depth research to crack some ways to put a basket on a mountain bike. Stay tuned to find out!

Is It Possible To Install A Basket On A Mountain Bike?

Yes, you can install a basket on an MTB without any difficulties. However, it can be challenging if you have an MTB with suspensions. The support struts within the basket can diminish the shock-absorbing ability of the suspension. However, using bike eyelets and hinges, you can make things work in your favor. The type of MTB you have also determines whether you will put a front basket or a rear basket. On the other hand, the load’s weight also plays a pivotal role in determining whether a front or a rear basket will be suitable for you. If you want to carry heavier items, a rear basket will work best, but a front basket will do fine for lighter items.

People use their mountain bikes for both on-road and off-road experiences. It is fun to ride around challenging trails, but mountain bikes also come in handy to run small errands. You may have your reasons to attach a basket to your MTB. However, a basket can be beneficial to take the load off your back and carry things easily. A basket comes in handy even when you are riding on challenging trails. You can carry your water bottle and snacks to the mountains.

Can You Install A Basket On MTB With Suspension?

There are three main types of MTBs that people opt for more often. These types include; a front suspension MTB, a full suspension MTB, and a rigid MTB. Rigid MTB is not readily available these days and is not one of the prime user choices. However, the front and full-suspension MTBs have been in high demand for several years. Let’s look at these MTB types and see which basket installation works for them.

1.   Full-Suspension MTB

A full suspension MTB is one of the prime user choices these days as it allows maximum shock absorption. However, suspension forks at both front and rear end give users limited options to put on a basket. It will help if you opt for smaller baskets that don’t interfere with forks. On the other hand, bendable baskets that compress with fork action work best for both front and rear installments.

2.   Rigid MTB

If you own a rigid MTB bike, you will have no issues with the basket installment. The reason is they don’t have suspensions that allow you to install rear and front baskets. You need to see if your bike has eyelets. If not, you can also use P-clamps for sturdy basket attachment.

3.   Front Suspension

An MTB with front suspension is the trickiest one when attaching a basket. You do not have much choice as the attaching basket to the front can interfere with its shock resisting power. Although, you can attach the basket to the handlebar. It is convenient for lighter loads; however, it can make handling navigation more rigid and heavier. The best you can do is attach the basket to the rear end. It also works sufficiently to carry heavier parcels easily.

Ways To Put Rear Baskets On An MTB Bike?

Most people find it convenient to attach rear baskets as it helps keep the handlebar lighter and better distribution of weight. However, putting on a rear rack can be slightly challenging, depending upon your MTB. Here is how to easily do it:

● Full-Suspension Fork

In the case of full suspension fork MTB, you need to be slightly cautious. Look for a rack on the rear end; if there isn’t any, you can use eyelets or P-clamps that come with a basket. You will need nuts and a screwdriver to fit the basket to the seat post. We suggested using a P-clamp and zip ties to secure the basket around the seat.

● Rigid or No-Suspension Mountain Bike

You can attach the basket to the rear axle using struts that often come with the basket. Otherwise, you can use an eyelet and P-clap to fix it securely around the seat post using a screwdriver. Always use some zip tip ties to keep the basket from moving too much.

Ways To Put Front Baskets On An MTB

Here are a few simple ways to put a front basket on MTB:

● Specialized Front Rack

If your MTB has a heavy front suspension, you need a specialized basket with a front rack that accommodates suspension. Using an Allen key and screwdriver, you can fix it on the front suspension. It allows whole front suspension movement even when you put a heavier load in the basket.

● Front Fork with Eyelet

Most front fork MTBs do not have eyelets, but if yours have it, then a basket with struts will work. Using a screwdriver, you can attach it to either the front fork or axle. However, you must ensure your MTB is working fine with a strut basket and not causing any damage to the fork.

Attach to Handlebar

Most people use a P-clamp to attach the front basket to their handlebar. You can also use P-clamp and zip ties to secure it around the handle if it is longer than 31 mm. However, you may have to use a smaller basket with a smaller weight limit not to hinder fork functioning.


Can you put a basket on a mountain bike is probably the most asked question. We have tried to resolve all your queries and present you with the most feasible solutions. Always consider the load and MTB suspension type before opting for a front or rear basket. We hope you find the article worthwhile and help you decide which basket is suitable for your MTB.