The time has come to treat yourself to the most versatile and stylish-looking bike. Here we have penned down the Royce Union gravel bike review; you can have a look at it. It has 27.5 inches of wheels and can ride on all roads, uneven paths and terrains without any hassle.
If you love cycling on hyper-spinner bikes, we suggest going with the Royce Union brand. They have always been acknowledged and famous enough for making durable gravel bikes. The overall design looks stylish. You can have it strictly for work, studying purposes or recreational commuting purposes.
These are called hyper bikes because you can smoothly ride them on roads sheathed with stones, pebbles and chippings. In addition, it has a comfortable fit handle. You can hold it continuously and get a shaky and jumpy-free ride on uneven roads Royce Union Gravel Bike Review. The seat is even adjustable and accommodates riders of the maximum weight range. Riders who love to make their cycling time more adventurous and super thrilling enough, this reviewed gravel bike is intended for them.

Overview of Royce Union gravel bike

Royce Union Gravel Bike Review
Royce Union Gravel Bike Review

Gravel, road, commuter, mountain, and hybrid bikes are all in demand. We have witnessed massive cut-to-cut competition in this whole bike niche. But here, we will only focus on the Royce Union brand and its gravel bike model. As explained above, its working and performance look acceptable and reasonable.

The frame is made of aluminum and measures 21 inches. It is a rigid and resiliently conceptualized hardtail frame that gives a swift ride. On the other side, the drivetrain shows Shimano Sora’s 9-speed indexing. (Royce Union Gravel Bike Review) It is even escorted and successfully sheathed by the Shimano 2 x 9 shifter, which gives 18 speeds! Its other features are an 11×34 cassette and heavy-duty Neco alloy 3-piece crankset.

In any bike, the quality of wheels and tires should not get neglected. The Royce Union brand has focused extensively on making solid and hard-wearing tires and wheelsets. The enclosure of WTB alloy rims and WTB Nano 700c tires escalate the cycling performance, which is another plus point.

It has been commonly spotted that many other gravel bikes have an uncomfortable saddle. But the Royce Union has a WTB Volt saddle that looks quite high-quality. It is made to ease the rider during prolonged and extended rides. Note that it does accompany these Dual Shimano disc brakes, but the kickstand is not included in the package.

Being one of the noticeable hyper gravel bikes out there in the market, its responsiveness and the way it rides immediately grabbed our attention. Wide gripping time is offered to the rider, and you can take it on all paths regardless of how rough and bumpy it is! It does not bring rigidity into your cycling time and, in fact, is suitable to be used by cyclists, including both novices and enthusiasts.

Key Specifications

Royce Union Gravel Bike Review

Key Specifications

  • Brand Royce Union
  • Brakes Dual Shimano disc brakes
  • Frame Aluminum
  • Ideal for Gravel
  • Construction Strong and lightweight
  • Suspension type Rigid
  • Saddle WTB Volt saddle
  • USP WTB alloy rims

Features of Royce Union gravel bike

You will see a first-class performance as durable disc brakes, and extra-wide tires escort the Royce Union. Feel free to have it for dirt or road touring; the choice is yours. The 700c Wheels and lightweight aluminum frame with Shimano have augmented its quality. We have written down more of the details on the Royce Union bike dedicated for gravel touring, so please see the details and let us know in case you have any confusion:

Aluminum frame

The aluminum frame, which is both light and strong in terms of construction, makes the bike more reliable and durable. It is 21 inches and is believed to have more rigidity and hardtail quality. In addition, the compact frame comes with the SST Steel Fork and endorses 200% satisfaction, durability and performance. (Royce Union Gravel Bike Review) You will see industry-leading operations, and the frame is backed with a lifetime warranty too.

Most noteworthy, the Royce Union frame has been drilled and engineered for all sorts of fenders and racks. That is why you can also transform this gravel bike into a commuter, hybrid or touring bike. The brand promises to give a powerful and dreamy performance while maintaining the optimum speed, balance, and control. It is suitable for running all terrains and offers extensive gears to ride in all conditions smoothly.

Drivetrain, wheels, tires and saddle

Reviewing the drivetrain, wheels, tires and saddle of the Royce Union, they look fine as well. This reviewed gravel bike has Shimano Sora 9-speed index and 2 x 9 shifters giving up to18 speeds.

Royce Union Gravel Bike Review
Royce Union Gravel Bike Review

The sheathing of WTB alloy rims, WTB Nano 700c robust tires and Volt saddle, makes it a well-designed bike. It possesses all-terrain capabilities and encases itself with the rugged, conceptualized design. The wider 700c tires have added immense versatility, resilience and stability to this bike model.

Moreover, the USP which makes us drool over it is because of the WTB alloy rims and a 28 spoke rim that keeps the bike wheels rolling for endless hours without exhausting its components. You will also get a safe ride in adverse and not-so-suitable weather conditions because its brakes are easy to handle, and you can stop them in a second on all-terrain conditions.

Aerodynamic design

The design of this gravel bike is aerodynamic! It gives an optimized fit and delvers added comfort to the rider. The compactly designed bike has intuitive handlebars to give the rider increased power, maximum ease, and 100% efficiency on every ride, whether his trip is 10 miles or 100 miles.

The blend of lightweight and rugged construction

Overall, you can call it a rugged bike because it is officially intended and dedicated to gravel. In addition, it boasts lightweight but remains stronger enough to run with speed, swiftness and 200% responsiveness on roads jam-packed with stones and pebbles.

Royce Union Gravel Bike Review
Royce Union Gravel Bike Review

Another impressive quality is that the dependable and rigid hardtail frame welcomes riders of all heights and weights. According to the experts, the maximum weight-bearing capacity is up to 330 pounds, which is sufficient.

Final verdict

If you want to upgrade the current model of your gravel bike, have the Royce Union version in your garage. The classic drop bars and 21-speed derailleur offer better leverage to the cyclist. Moreover, you can safely head yourself to hilly paths. Because of the more aerodynamic profile, (Royce Union Gravel Bike Review) you can have a speedy and safe riding time if the wind is blowing. The whole bike has been exclusively designed to face and tolerate strong headwinds.

The 21 speeds allow the rider to fly and rips through potholed and jagged roads without any trouble. You will get plenty of power no matter you are ascending or descending. You can see that the micro-grip twist shifters are located on each drop bar, and this feature will keep the speed under control, offer 100% balance and no risk to the rider. You can increase or decrease the speed/torque whenever you want to by pressing the shifters at your fingertips.

You must ride carefully for your life’s safety. So, what do you think about this Royce Union gravel bike? Give it a try and share with us your honest feedback and comments. Take this bike at high and low speeds and own it like a pro cyclist. The front and rear V brakes let the rider travel through steep and sharp descents, which is amazing.

Pros & Cons


  • Strong and light weight
  • WTB alloy rims
  • Extremly comfortable for long-distance commuting


  • The kickstand is not included


What is the use of a gravel bike?

Gravel bikes are used on the bumpiest tracks and roads filled with potholes, stones and pebbles. They have larger tires and wheels because more power and strength are needed to run on uneven tracks. In addition, gravel bikes are designed to ensure improved grip and 100% comfort.

Are gravel bikes suitable for roads?

Yes, you can run gravel bikes on roads. However, a few of the limitations are there, which might not give you a smooth ride if you have planned to drive a gravel bike on the road. On the other hand, for road bike racers, preferring a gravel bike will not work for them.

Why are gravel bikes run slower?

Gravel bikes are comparatively slower than road bikes. They have lower gearing options. Moreover, some models come with 1 chainring, and some are sheathed by double chainrings. Road bikes have compact cranksets, lacking in the gravel bike models.


So, do you feel good after going through the Royce Union gravel bike review? Let us know your comments and convey to us which gravel bike you own right now and do you feel like buying a new one or not!
Wrapping up! (Royce Union Gravel Bike Review) This reviewed bike has a rigid hardtail frame, encased with the strong and lightweight construction, Shimano Sora 9-speed index shifters and Neco alloy 3-piece crank. The WTB alloy rims, 700c tires, comfortable WTB Volt saddle and Dual Shimano disc brakes give a different and unique cycling experience. Whatever other details you want to catch up on, forward us your queries and stay tuned.