The all-terrain mountain bikes of Royce Union have always pushed us to fall in love with their collections again and again. Here we will review for you their RMT model. It is an all-terrain, solid, and high-quality mountain bike. It is encased with twist shifters, an aluminum frame, and other premium features. Royce Union RMT Review This mountain bike ensures quality construction and performs perfectly and exceptionally well on all gravel paths, roads, and terrains. It seems to be an ideal bike model for street riding; yes, it is true!

The frame is backed by a 10-year warranty time, and it has been molded with the help of tough 6061 heat-treated as well as aircraft-grade aluminum material. It remains assured that the frame will never get corroded and fully resists rust. The frame does not put an additional burden on the bike because aluminum is injected, and it is a lightweight material than steel.

Alongside, the Royce Union RMT bike is easier to accelerate. It successfully maintains balance, speed, and momentum, and you will not feel uneasiness when handling or driving this mountain bicycle for the first time. You will get the needed tools included in the package for a quick assembly process.

Thus, for Royce Union, quality matters, and the same supreme qualities are present in the RMT bike. It allows easy seat height adjustment and comes with a padded saddle which guarantees proper fit. We are sure that all your expectations will be fulfilled if you ride on the RMT. We welcome you to the world of Royce Union mountain bikes, and after using them, please share with us your views:

Overview of Royce Union RMT

In this overview section, you will learn about the basic details and important features incorporated in the Royce Union RMT mountain bike. (Royce Union RMT Review) Starting with, it has a lightweight frame, and it is made of top-quality aluminum materials.

Royce Union RMT Review
Royce Union RMT Review

In addition, the frame enhances and augments the whole bike structure and makes it a power-packed all-terrain mountain bike. The frame’s low weight makes this reviewed bike easier and effortless to accelerate. You can handle and tackle maximum trails if such a frame is present on your bike.

Rest, it has a full Shimano drivetrain and delivers rugged performance every time. The featuring and induction of a full Shimano 21-speed drivetrain makes it handy enough to be used by beginners and experts level riders. You enjoy comfortable and unproblematic gearing operations.

Riders have liked traveling on the RMT bike because it has a zoom suspension fork that absorbs maximum dips on the trails. The front-wheel remains in the balanced form and makes a firm connection with the ground so that the rider can safely ride and keeps the bike under his control.

We hope your search ends here if you are tired of searching for good-quality mountain bikes. Just get the Royce Union RMT and make your cycling time spectacular. Royce Union RMT Review. It lets you relish the ride on the challenging trails; you can cruise around towns and commute to your dreamy destinations.

Overall, the RMT bike is packed with premium components. It exhibits superior specifications, offers solid control, and guarantees top performance. Since 1904, this brand has made bikes based on the quality, performance, and dependability blend. You can definitely pick the Royce Union bikes if you wish to get a great biking experience. This model is precision engineered and ideal for dirt roads, light trails, and gravels.

Key Specifications

Key Specifications

  •  Ideal for Trail
  • Bike type Mountain bike
  • Suspension type Front
  • Wheel size 27.5 inches
  • Frame 15 inches
  • Number of speeds 21
  • USP 10-year frame warranty

Features of Royce Union RMT

Below you can see the comprehensive details which let the readers know about the Royce Union RMT mountain bike features:

Lightweight frame

The first feature that catches a rider’s attention in any mountain bike is the frame! These days, riders prefer buying only those bikes which have aluminum frames. Royce Union RMT Review. And the RMT model has aluminum framing too! It means you will get the utmost durability and long-lasting usage from this exclusive model.

Royce Union RMT Review

Powerful wheels

The wheels are featured with alloy rims, and the rider will get additional effortless and smooth-riding time. Due to the all-terrain tires, you can conveniently navigate and travel on all sorts of pavements, gravel, and dirt paths. Most importantly, it has 27.5-inch wheels, which keep the bike traveling with maximum momentum and controlled speed.

Royce Union RMT Review

The brand has also endorsed that the wheels of the RMT bike have an all-terrain tread pattern. Now, there will be less rolling resistance. There is no need to ride on those low-quality and typical bikes, which have the worst quality tires as well. For the reason that we have picked the RMT bike for our readers. The machined alloy wheel rims and excellent brake pad contact let you stop the bike on-demand, and you will honestly feel good on these kinds of bikes.

Front suspension fork

In the eyes of many riders, the RMT model believes to be a good-enough and nicely designed mountain bike. It has the front suspension fork, which rips through dips and shocks and offers a smoother and shaky-free feeling during the ride.

In addition, the locked suspension manages to keep the fork completely inactive. In this manner, the pedaling efficiency keeps on increasing and improving. Thus, the suspension fork of RMT looks best to be availed for extended road travel times.

Shimano 21-speed drivetrain

The Shimano 21-speed drivetrain is accompanied by the most powerful and cutting-edge design brakes. With such brakes, you can stop and drive the bike safely. Moreover, the shifters and brakes manage to cable through the frame to keep the riding operations safe and sound. You only have to twist the shift, and this Shimano 21 speed drivetrain will let the rider witness seamless shifting and smooth braking between gears. Thus, you can make them adapt and completely sync to all paths and terrains.

A high-value and cross country mountain bike

You can freely call it a high-value cross-country mountain bike. It is intended for all-terrain adventures and lets you enjoy exploring the single-tracks and also the urban jungle. The refined and stylish appearance oomph its overall appeal and vibe! So, if you want to invest in a bike that shows solid configurations, you can have the RMT bike. It believes to be a stable commuter bike that displays ruggedness and resilience at its peak.

Final verdict

Hence, we have shared both the positives and negatives of the Royce Union RMT Review mountain bike. It has great brakes, shifters, and a lock-out suspension fork. The powerful brakes make this all-terrain bike more efficient.

The rider receives better durability, resilience, maximum robustness, and controlled stopping power. You can now enjoy a lot and ride safely during rugged adventures. Besides, the lockout fork allows you to ride downhill and even on rough terrains.

It is one of the most comfortable bicycles designed and genuinely engineered to give a solid performance. Its structure and exclusive features and components enhance the ride quality. No doubt, it is meant for everyone, and there is no restriction or limitation on the age bracket.

Uncountable comfort features include the presence of an aluminum frame, ergonomic saddle, easy assembly process, 21-speeds, and the inclusion of a whole groupset of Shimano drivetrain. These days, it is a tough and time-consuming task to look for quality bikes, but the recently launched collections of Royce Union have made our job easy. Generally, you can have this reviewed bicycle for regular commutes, off-road traveling, and weekend trips. It has built-in performance features and specs.

Pros & Cons


  • Fast assembly
  • Shimano 21 speed drivetrain
  • Machined alloy wheel rims


  • Slow customer support team


Is it fine to ride a mountain bike on the road?

Mountain bikes are specifically designed for off-road as well as hill climbing. However, you can make them travel on the road if there is an emergency. No issue will be there.

Are mountain bikes suitable for long-distance?

Yes, mountain bikes are suitable for long-distance traveling times. These bikes are comparatively stronger, reliable, and absorb dips and shocks to make the traveling time more comfortable and no longer problematic.

Are Royce Union bikes good?

Yes, Royce Union bikes are of high quality. It is expected that you will not regret your decision once you buy them. Their components and overall operations are satisfactory, Royce Union RMT Review and a safe ride is assured. The frame durability and effective braking system make them unbelievably good.


You can share your thoughts on the Royce Union RMT review! Many all-terrain mountain bikes have been launched, but RMT looks good enough for adults and teens. Royce Union RMT Review. Its unique features are the superior-looking brakes, efficient pedaling system, comfortable saddle, 21-speed Shimano drivetrain, and aluminum brakes. The cycling world is surrounded with many impressive bicycle models. Choices and options are over-flowing. Let us know which bike you currently own. Stay connected!