Lets have a look at the Schwinn discover 700c hybrid bicycle review. The demand for hybrid bikes seems to be tremendously getting higher, and the Schwinn brand has made a big name in this niche. This exclusive model shows the ultra and super combination of comfort, luxury, and style. Both men and women can ride on it. In addition, it exhibits 21-speed, injected with premium quality wheels.

If your present bike is not giving you a smooth riding time and you want to get a new model, we recommend going with the Schwinn brand. The catchy part is that this bicycle is available in multiple colors. It makes your commuting time so much smooth, enjoyable, and hassle-free.

The presence of an aluminum city frame, anatomic grips, and dual-density construction has made it a catchy suggestion. On the other hand, the built-in rack and comfortable-looking sports seat have made it a top pick among riders. Please go through the rest of the details:

Overview of Schwinn discover 700c hybrid bicycle

It is high time to ride in comfort and also with style! You can invest in this Schwinn discover 700c bicycle and get the best experience. No doubt, it is an ideal recommendation for experiencing smooth commuting time. This brand is known for making exclusive bicycles that automatically make you a pro rider while taking this bike on rough terrains.

Highlighted Features
Schwinn Discover 700c Hybrid Bicycle Review

– Fit riders 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall
– Alloy hybrid frame
– 21 speed shifters 
– Rear derailleur
– Alloy linear pull brakes
– Suspension seat post
– Hybrid saddle for extra comfort
– Rear carrier included
– Equally suitable for seniors
– Easy to use handgrip shifters
– Very effective brakes
– Adjustable handlebars

Note that it has an alloy hybrid frame that comes with fit geometry. A suspension fork is installed in it so that the riding phase can become smoother and effortless. On the other hand, the suspension seat post, hybrid saddle, and user-friendly, ergonomic grips have been placed to give an additional comfort time.

Lots of riders have become die-hard fans of Schwinn hybrid bicycle, and you can give it a try as well. The inclusion of 21-speed shifters lets you adjust and quickly regulate the speed at any time. Besides, the rear derailleur helps you make precise gear changes without hassle.

Indeed, it is claimed by the brand that you will get exceptional and extraordinary stopping power. All of this is possible because of the alloy linear-pull brakes.

Do you know that you can create a cargo space in this bicycle?

Yes, it is true! The rear carrier creates ample cargo space, and fenders are there to protect you from grit and dirt. So, are you ready to enjoy the freedom of riding by investing in this Schwinn bicycle? You should be!

We all know that Schwinn is the most popular and original American bike brand. For over 100 years, they have been making super classy and durable bikes for men, women, and kids. This brand has created a unique and permanent place in our hearts. Their hybrid bicycles are simply wow to ride. To all future riders, using such a bicycle is a must for you.

Most importantly, the reviewed version is designed by keeping the rider’s comfort and safety in mind. The suspension fork, alloy crank, adjustable stem, and back sweep handlebar make it super safe to ride a bicycle. Thus, it is a great option to be taken on trails and cities. If you think that pedaling up a mountain and hill has always been a more challenging task, try buying this bicycle and say your thanks later.

Moreover, it allows you to change the gear smoothly, and you will definitely find this model super lightweight and robust enough. Added amenities like linear-pull brake; swept-back kind of upright handlebars, and padded seat have made it a winner in this hybrid bicycles niche.

Key Specifications

Key SpecificationsDetail


  • Schwinn

Suspension type

  • Front


  • 17-Inch Frame

Brake style

  • Linear Pull

Bike type

  • Hybrid

Number of speeds

  • 21


  • Black


  • Suspension seat post

Features of Schwinn discover 700c hybrid bicycle

The trend of using hybrid bicycles has again made a kicking starting come back. Here we have penned down the features of the Schwinn 700c hybrid bike; please go through them:

Manufactured by the original bike brand

Schwinn is a top-notch and reliable manufacturer of making hybrid bicycles. Its Discover 700c model has collected such a massive fan-following from the day it launched. Thus, this one is an original and American icon brand linked with this sector over the years.

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Premium construction

Finest and world-class construction has made it a top choice among riders. You can see that it is equipped with an aluminum city frame and suspension fork. It is designed to absorb all shocks while riding on rough paths.

Giving you a rough idea, we like to tell you that it is outfitted with 21-speed and SRAM grip shifters for quickly and easily changing the gear. In addition, the padded saddle, suspension seat post make it a comfortable bike and one of the ideal choices for commuting to work. So many additional features encapsulate this model.

Comfortable ride

It is always pointless to ride on a bicycle that does not give you comfortable riding time. That is why we like you suggest buying Schwinn discover 700c bike. It is all because of the suspension fork that this bicycle will absorb shocks and bumps. Besides, you can keep yourself in the upright riding position by adjusting the stem and back sweep handlebar.

Shift Gears Effortlessly and Smoothly

Shifting gears smoothly has become possible for a rider because Schwinn bicycles have arrived in the market. Changing the gears makes it easy for the individual to adapt to terrains, rocky paths, and rough roads. The inclusion of 21-speed twist shifters will eventually give you a smooth, hassle-free, and reliable gear changing time.

Lightweight and Durability

Durability, comfort and style, lightweight design, and high functionality are other catchy qualities. The aluminum frame gives immense strength to the whole model, and it does not weigh you down the minute you jump onto this bike.

Thus, robust construction has made it convenient for riders to take this bike on longer distances, rough roads, terrains, and even hills. Its design and overall construction push for more incredible speed, which is why it has become the top choice among so many riders.

Presence of the fenders to protect the rider from splashes

Exceptionally few hybrid bicycles are outfitted with fenders, and this reviewed model is among them. Most noteworthy, fenders are installed to protect the rider from splashes. It even gives a vintage flair to your bike and makes it more eye-catchy looking.

So, are you ready to commute to your neighborhoods? Try this bicycle and get the best fun and most enjoyable experience. If you love riding on terrains, that is the right and most suitable model. It remains durable and smooth to run while you take it on challenging courses which are so amazing.

The craze of hybrid bicycles

These bikes have flat handlebars, upright seats, keep the rider in good posture and boast lightweight construction. In addition, these bikes have alloy frames, thinner wheels and let you ride at fast speeds safely. Thus, the trend and craze of using hybrid bicycles will never decrease.

As you have gone through all the features details of this model, you can let us know how much this hybrid bicycle has met your expectations! Time to ride with style and experience utmost comfort is achievable if you become a loyal customer of Schwinn.


  • Comfortable commuting
  • Alloy hybrid frame
  • Suspension seat post


  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions about Schwinn Discover 700c Hybrid Bicycle

What is the average size of Schwinn 700C?

It is 28 inches! The tire diameter is approximately 700c, which equates to 28 inches to put the other way round. On the other hand, the tire width is 38mm, equal to 1-1/2″.

What does 700C mean?

700C means that the tire’s rough and approximate outer diameter is of this much dimension, which equates to 28 inches. The outer diameter varies depending on the tire type and also tread pattern.

Are Schwinn bikes good-quality?

Yes, Schwinn bikes are of excellent quality. They are known for making hybrid bicycles for men, women, and kids. They have launched top-notch and durable models till now. They are definitely worth the money because casual riders best use these entry-level and hybrid bikes.


So, what else do you want to ask on the Schwinn discover 700c hybrid bicycle review? This brand has been making excellent quality bicycles for over 100 years, and their craze and fan-following is getting undoubtedly higher. The original and the most authentic American bike brand are here at your doorstep.

All in all, an alloy hybrid frame, padded seat, suspension fork, and robust quality wheels give you a smooth riding journey. Hassle-free stopping power has made this model our favorite because of the linear-pull brakes and comfortable riding position. It will be best to consider buying its Discover 700c model and share your feedback with us. Let us know your questions and stay tuned.