Indeed, Schwinn GTX 2.0 has received many happy reviews from customers. So, if you are looking for the honest Schwinn GTX 2 review, you have definitely arrived at the right place. Hybrid bikes trends seem to be unstoppable, and in this regard, this brand is making such hi-fi and world-class models.

One of the primary benefits offered by this bicycle is that people love utilizing it as a fitness bike. We know that people love embracing positive and healthy lifestyle changes, and riding on a bicycle has become an essential fitness practice these days.

In addition, this model has stood and passed the test of time. It has become an excellent exercise option, and you can even have it for commuting. If you have tried out the previous GTX 1 model, you will undoubtedly find GTX 2.0 version the best among its peers and competitors!

Giving you a general idea, it has an aluminum fitness frame. The front suspension fork and 21-speed shifters make it a top-of-a-line model in the 21st century. Besides, the front and rear alloy-made disc brakes give the cyclist superior and balanced stopping power.

Thus, that is all a high-profile bike model that we have suggested. Its double-walled and alloys rims make it an ultra-strong and lightweight bicycle and keep on adding durability to it. Whether you want to ride on an unpaved path or cycle on a hilly surface, GTX 2.0 should be preferred by you:

Overview of Schwinn GTX 2

Highlighted Features
Schwinn GTX 2 700c Review

Fits riders 5’4” to 6’2” in height
Weight: 32 pounds (bike weight)
Frame sizes: 17 inches or 18 inches
Wheel size: 700c
Frame material: Aluminum
Front Derailleur: Power Derailleur
Rear Derailleur: Shimano
Bike Shifter: Shimano EZ-Fire Shifters
Rims: Alloy
Front & Rear Brakes: Alloy linear-pull
Brake levers: Alloys levers
Handlebars: Alloy
Stem: Alloy Quill

Schwinn GTX 2 is the ideal road, commuter, and mountain bike blend. It guarantees and promises to give you a quick and bumpy-free ride which seems to be its unique selling point and attractive quality.

It is endorsed by the brand that they have managed to design a multi-sport hybrid vehicle. You can use it to explore your neighborhoods and have it for commuting to work. In addition, it has 21-speed shifters, precise gear changing settings, light-alloy rims, mechanical disc brakes, and extra stopping power.

According to experts, Schwinn GTX 2 is a kind of bicycle that has the potential to ride swiftly and responsively on mountains and roads. In other words, you will get the best of both worlds. It is pretty tall, has straight handles, and allows the rider to sit upright and comfortably. There is no need to bend your whole body on the handlebars. Thus, sit comfortably without putting any pressure on your back and shoulders.

If you are searching for a new commuter bicycle that functions on the hybrid approach, we recommend you have Schwinn GTX 2 700c bike. Once you use it, you will look no way back at the previous models. It will guarantee to give you the agile and active ride on the city streets, rough and local paths, and everywhere in between. Hence, riding and cycling can be so much fun; we have not imagined that!

One of the common problems cyclists face is that their bikes fail to ride swiftly at the top and slowest speed. But Schwinn GTX 2 excels here! It has the most trustworthy brakes that are installed on each handlebar so that you can safely ride on the roughest paths. Hence, you can now make this bike your long-time best friend. It is sleek and professional, and many cyclists have become obsessed with its use.

Key Specifications



  • Dual sport bicycle

Age range

  • Adult


  • Lightweight


  • 21

Best for

  • Trails


  • Hybrid bike


  • Aluminium


  • Mechanical disc brakes

Features of Schwinn GTX 2

No doubt, it is a better and more versatile hybrid bicycle model compared to its competitors. You can go through the features and see how it got viral in a few years. In addition, it is meant for all riders who love cycling on mountains, hilly roads, and surfaces. We are sure that you will have a pleasant and swift riding experience. You can have it for off-road terrains as well. Thus, it shows the best blend of speed and swiftness, which is why we suggest you buy the Schwinn GTX 2.

Manufactured by the world-class brand

Schwinn is a world-class brand making hybrid bicycles. For over 100 years, they have entertained riders and cyclists of all levels. Moreover, this brand has pioneered the world of cycling innovation; yes, it is true! Since 1895, it has made top-notch bikes, and among the top models, we have GTX 2.

To improve your riding experience, such bikes will give you effortless use. Thus, Schwinn’s commitment and dedication to providing top-notch bicycles are going higher day by day. Their models have grown tremendously popular, and their GTX collection has become top of the line.

Durable and robust

Indeed, Schwinn GTX 2 looks the most durable and robust. It has surpassed all the previous models and generations of road and mountain bikes. Once you try it out, it will become your top pick for sure. You can even call it an adaptable bicycle because it can be taken on all roads and paths and gives you an all-around experience.

In addition, the presence of a lightweight frame, comfortable seat, and user-friendly handlebar positioning makes it one of the sought-after models. The person remains in an upright riding posture and enjoys cycling time in a more comfortable pose.

Ideal for long-distance rides

Schwinn GTX 2 tends to hold up ideally and perfectly for long-distance rides. It is tried, tested, and proven for both short and long-distance rides, which is why cyclists love using it repeatedly. No issues are so far reported while taking GTX 2 on long distances.

Smooth gear changing operations

Cheap hybrid bikes restrict the rider smoothly and effortlessly change the gear, but Schwinn GTX 2 has never placed such a restriction on the cyclist. Here you can conveniently change the gear and speed any time you want to without any delay.

Lightweight frame

A lightweight frame encloses the whole model. Its construction and design perfectly contribute to its durability and flexibility. Whether you want to do cycling on the road streets, hilly surfaces, or wooden riding paths, GTX 2 will give you a fantastic time. On the other hand, rims and handlebars remain to be firmly built. Lastly, the sturdy alloy construction makes sure that the bicycle is built to last over time.

A great asset for beginner level and professional cyclists

GTX 2 has grown as an excellent asset for all levels of cyclists. It has a strong frame and versatile structure. In addition, the presence of a comfortable design has made it a versatile bike for years and years. Its lighter frame and robust construction make it effortless to ride at higher speeds.

All in all, it gives reliable and exceptionally high performance. It has been constantly tested for quality, speed, and comfort, and the best part is that GTX 2 has passed all the tests. None of the concerns have been voiced against this model, and its popularity and demand have been genuinely getting higher.

We know that GTX 1, GTX 2, and GTX 3 share similar features, but the GTX 2 version proved to be the most-loved one! Its overall build, comfortable seat, smooth gears, easy to adjust speed, double-wall rims, and smooth stopping power make it an attractive hybrid bike model. It gives us a more blended and refined riding experience.


  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Extra stopping power
  • Double-wall rims


  • Need regular cleaning and maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to know what year my Schwinn bike is?

To know the year of your Schwinn bike, you can have a look at the serial number present on its frame. From here, you can know the date when this model was manufactured.

Are old models of Schwinn bikes good?

These bikes are of satisfactory quality. You can avail of them for commuting or fitness cycling purposes. In addition, they are ideal to use for both short and long distances.

What size bike to get for your height?

16 to 17 inches is the recommended bike size for individuals having a height from 5’7” to 5’11”. On the other hand, 17 to 19 inches is the suitable range for height 6’0” to 6’2”.


As you have come to know complete details on the Schwinn GTX 2 review, now you can share with us your decision whether you are interested in buying this hybrid bicycle or not!

No doubt, it is a flexible, safe, and highly adaptable bike that you can go for. It has beaten all its previous versions, including GTX 1 and GTX 3. In addition, it is custom-fitted and offers immense ease of use. The presence of a comfortable seat and well-positioned handlebars has made it an ideal hybrid bicycle so far.

We hope your cycling experiences will now become unforgettable and double enjoyable. Stop using those hybrid bikes that hurts your back and makes your journey frustrating and tiring. GTX 2 can transform your exhausting cycling journey into pleasant ones. Stay tuned with us!