You might have come across many Schwinn men’s wayfarer 700c hybrid bike reviews, but here we have penned down the most comprehensive and honest review. No doubt, men have fallen in love with this bicycle. They have seen tremendous improvement in their fitness and exercise sessions whenever they cycle on this bike. It is not only a great fitness bike but a great and versatile option to be used for commuting to work, hilly areas, and neighborhoods.

Schwinn brand has given you the chance to explore the top-of-the-line bike collection that is hybrid as well, and among them, we have wayfarer 700c. It will give you true comfort, a swift and responsive ride, and no discomfort. In addition, Schwinn has been making bikes for years and years, and their fan following is increasing on such a large scale. A striking new look and catchy design encapsulate this model.

Moreover, you will get a lifetime warranty on buying it. Thus, your search for getting the best hybrid bike ends over here. Get hold of the wayfarer 700c and see with your own eyes how impressively it is designed and engineered. Its construction, layout, and design match perfectly with the rider vision, which is spectacular and so much impressive.

Overview of Schwinn men’s wayfarer 700c hybrid bike

Schwinn men’s wayfarer 700c hybrid bike
Fits adult riders 5’4” to 6’2”
700c size wheel, Step-Over or Step-Through Frame Option, 7 speed twist shifter, Multiple colors available
16-Inch Frame, Rear linear pull brakes, Thin tires for faster ride and easier turn, Handle bar brakes, Front and back fender included, Rear Rack included

Schwinn brand is evidently known and famous for making hybrid bicycles. Men, women, and kids are the biggest fan of them. Here we will only talk and review their wayfarer 700c model that is of 700c dimension and engineered for men niche. The retro style and comfortable design make it user-friendly for even beginner-level cyclists who think cycling on rough terrains has always been challenging. You can take this bike on all sorts of surfaces and get a bumpy-free ride every time!

It has a seven-speed twist shifter, rear derailleur, linear-pull brakes, 700c wheel size, and fenders. You might be wondering what the primary purpose of front and rear-positioned linear-pull brakes, we will tell you. You can make smooth stops any time you feel like it through these brakes. Pushing and pulling these brakes will not be a hassle for the rider.

This bike not only accommodates the rider, but it can also even accommodate your stuff! Utilize its classic rear rack and keep your necessary stuff in it. Another reason that made this hybrid bicycle apple of our eye is its swept-back handlebars. Hold them and get them a relaxed and swift ride for endless hours. These handlebars are easy and quick to grip and keep the cyclists’ position upright.

Thus, it is absolutely ergonomically designed. Real comfort is guaranteed, and none of the disappointing features are there. The pedals give the rider a responsive and agile feeling, and you will not get exhausted whether you have been riding on challenging terrains for hours.

On the other hand, the drivetrain lets the cyclist makes effortless transitions between speeds and the gears. We hope that your cycling journey will become enjoyable and less exhausting. Hybrid bicycles like we have wayfarer 700c have brought comfort for the riders, and they owe big thanks to Schwinn. We have further collected the details of this version; you can through that information too!

Key Specifications

Schwinn men’s wayfarer 700c hybrid bike
  • Specified for: Men
  • Rack: Rear Rack
  • Design: Beginner-friendly
  • Wheel size: 700c
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Bike Type: Hybrid
  • USP: Multiple Color
  • Brakes: Linear-pull brakes

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Features of Schwinn men’s wayfarer 700c hybrid bike

Below you can see further details and learn how this wayfarer 700c model is different from the rest of the others:

Retro city frame, linear-pull brakes, and fenders

Yes, this model has so many qualities, from retro city frame, linear-pull brakes to fenders! The retro vibe has been injected because cyclists love riding on a bike that looks vintage. Style and design matter a lot for them, which is why wayfarer 700c excels in this area. You will get the stylish and vintage vibe that minute you sit on it.

In addition, the linear-pull brakes ensure and endorse to make precise stops. We know that cheap and low-quality bikes have always been tough to ride. They lack smooth stopping power, which is why riders have directed their attention to wayfarer 700c. Lastly, fenders matter a lot on any bicycle. Just imagine that you got splashes on your pants; how messy all it will look! But the reviewed model has fenders that will give you a splash-free environment.

Precise transitions and comfortable seat

Wayfarer 700c is the name of ensuring precise transitions, and it does have a comfortable seat as well. This removable rear derailleur guard allows you to change the gears smoothly and further protect its operations. You can seamlessly change the speed between gears.

Alongside, it is useless to be on the bicycle whose seat does look comfortable? If the bike seat does not look padded and thoughtfully designed, your back and legs will remain in pain and distress. However, in wayfarer 700c, we have seen excellent seat quality presence. It is richly padded and comes with a premium saddle and dual springs.

Schwinn Wayfarer 700c Review

Sharp design and top quality paint finish

Riders have loved this wayfarer 700c because it has a thoughtful design and is packed with a top-quality paint finish. You can even adjust its height with the alloy-made quick-release binder for ensuring a proper fit.

The presence of clear gloss over-coating increases its lifespan and gives the whole bike a distinctive look. With such a construction, your bike will undoubtedly last for ride and ride. Most importantly, the lightweight frame has been professionally and perfectly molded, and it is even heat-treated so that no rust gets on it.

Easy to ride and maneuver in tight and rough spots

Yes, wayfarer 700c seems to be easy to ride and maneuver in tight paths. It is lighter than steel and so effortless and easier to handle. In addition, it absorbs dips, shocks, and bumps from rough and uneven terrains. It is endorsed that you will get the swift ride, and no strain will be placed on your back, arms, and shoulders.

Alloy wheel rims

Lastly, it has allow-made wheel rims. They are machined treated and allow smooth brake pad contact so that you can consistently and effortlessly ride it. Rest comprises an all-terrain tread for enhancing and improving the rolling momentum and ensuring less resistance. Time to ensure comfort while you cycle on and off-road terrains, and Schwinn bikes can help you in this concern.

Thus, if you want to get a bicycle that absorbs and withstands all sorts of jostles and thumps, we suggest you have wayfarer 700c. No doubt, it isprecisely crafted and promises to give optimal performance.

It instantly gets adapted to a wide range of riding environments and never restricts your cycling phase. Yes, it is high time to cycle with 100% freedom and liberty and make each cycling moment of yours genuinely and remarkably enjoyable.


  • Classic rear carrier
  • Quickly changes the speed and gears
  • Ideal for adult riders


  • Massive competition from other brands

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who makes Schwinn hybrid bikes?

Pacific cycle makes Schwinn hybrid bikes. In addition, Pacific Cycle turns out to be the most dominant and famous manufacturer of American hybrid bicycles throughout the 20th century.

What is a Schwinn hybrid bike worth?

Investing in the Schwinn bike is always worth it, and you get no disappointment out of it. It is marked as the popular dual-sport bike that you can have on and off-road terrains.

Why are vintage Schwinn hybrid bikes so expensive?

Vintage Schwinn bikes are expensive because they belong to the signature category. In addition, they are featured with high-end components and are suitable to be used by professional cyclists.

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For any questions on the Schwinn men’s wayfarer 700c hybrid bike review, you can forward that to us. Hence, if you love cycling on challenging trails and you want to comfortably and swiftly ride as well, wayfarer 700c can be the reliable option for you. It can give you a bumpy-free ride around towns or to any adventurous outdoor paths.

The brand guarantees that all of its models give impressive performance and raise the bar. You will see premium components in this model and also superior specifications. We are sure that wayfarer 700c will make a positive and healthy difference in your cycling routine. So, get solid control while you ride, and do not forget to share with us your views!

We are 100% sure that this bike will give you great peace of mind while you cycle on bumpy terrains. Riding a bike every day seems to become an enjoyable activity, and we pay out big thanks to Schwinn. All in all, it shows dependable quality, lots of flexibility, and solid reliability. You can have it on and off-road trails, or feel free to spin this bike around the neighborhoods. Stay connected.