Women love riding bicycles, and their excitement level becomes double when they get a chance to ride on a hybrid bike. Without wasting any time, let us have a look at the Schwinn Wayfarer 700c women’s hybrid bike review. Giving you a general idea, this model comes in the form of a Retro-Styled Cruiser. It is accompanied by a Step-Through Frame Option and installed with a 7-Speed Drivetrain.

It has become such an exceptional and fantastic model that girls have fallen in love crazily for it. If you are a working person or like hiking on a bicycle, we suggest you have this Wayfarer 700c model. It will give a smooth and super luxurious ride that will definitely become the most unforgettable ride of your life. In addition, it has a rear-back, outfitted with 700C wheels and available in multiple colors. Besides, the retro-styled fame and fork add a vintage and classy vibe.

Schwinn Discover 700c Review

So, if you are currently searching for a bicycle that comes with 7-speed twist shifters and liner-pull brakes, you can undoubtedly divert your attention towards this model. It is further packed with a step-thru frame and fenders. The catchy part is that the bike comes in 90% assembled form. No hassle is given to the user while assembling it.

You can ride it around town or feel free to use it for commuting and exercise purposes. The inclusion of premium design, padded saddle, dual springs, and ergonomic construction will give you real comfort, and that is guaranteed from the brand side.

Overview of Schwinn wayfarer 700c women’s hybrid bike

Schwinn and its Wayfarer 700c model are simply inseparable. Whenever we say the name of this brand, the most popular model that comes to our mind is Wayfarer! It is an exclusive hybrid bicycle that you can use for everyday riding, commuting or hiking, fitness purposes.

If you think that comfort and style should matter a lot while riding, then Wayfarer 700c can help you in this regard. The inclusion of retro-styling has made it a responsive and most stylish-looking bike. In addition, it is great to be taken around towns, hills, and light trails.

You can change the gear and regulate the speed without seeing any trouble. 7-speed twist shifters are there, and you can adjust the speed according to the surface where you want to ride. Besides, linear-pull brakes allow you to ride with 100% confidence.

Highlighted Point

The most highlighting part of Wayfarer 700c is that it will enable you to keep your belongings in it. Utilize the rear rack and keep your backpack or small cooler or any other essentials in it.

Do you know that the traditional models of hybrid bikes make it quite challenging for the rider to change the gears and keep the body in an upright balanced position? Yes, it is true! But the latest models have brought convenience for the riders. Changing the gears, riding in a comfortable posture, and adjusting the speed seem possible if you buy the Wayfarer 700c version. In addition, it has these oversized tyres to keep the rider and his ride steady and smooth.

We have one fantastic hybrid bike, and Schwinn manufactures that. It shows the best comfort, sleek design, and smooth ride. You can effortlessly shift the gear, pull the brakes and enjoy reliable stopping power. Thus, meeting with friends, commuting for work, hiking on the rough terrains, going out for exercise, and coffee time will no longer be a hassle! If you have tried out the rest of the Schwinn bikes, hopefully, you will like Wayfarer 700c as well!

Key Specifications

Product FeaturesDetail


  • Schwinn

Suspension type

  • Front


  • Stylish

Wheel size

  • 700c

Age range

  • Adult


  • Steel-made retro city frame


  • Fenders


  •  Linear-pull brakes

Features of Schwinn Wayfarer 700c women’s hybrid bike

It is hard to believe that such unique features surround the Wayfarer 700c model. Below you can see in-depth details about them:

Richly padded and premium saddle

Incorporating a richly padded and premium saddle makes it a high-class and top-quality hybrid bicycle model. In addition, the saddle comes with dual springs, and it is 100% ergonomically designed. With such a feature, you will get genuine and exceptional comfort.

Besides, the rear reflector makes the bike sleeker and streamlined-looking. You will feel great the minute you sit on it. All in all, a responsive feel is delivered no matter you ride on Wayfarer 700c for hours and hours.

Front suspension fork

The front suspension fork pushes the hybrid bicycle to perform solid constantly. On the other hand, the slight-rise handlebar lets the user keep himself upright so that his body might not come in distress or discomfort mode. Thus, you can now make a smooth transition between gears, and even beginners can have a seamless ride on Wayfarer 700c.

Linear-pull brakes and fenders

The linear-pull brakes allow smooth stopping power and enhance rolling momentum. They ensure that the rider makes precise stops and gets the safest ride at the end of the day. Alongside, sub-standard bikes fail to protect the rider from splashes. But do you know that Wayfarer 700c shows ultimate performance in this area? Yes, it is true! You remain secured from splashes and ride smoothly.

7-speed rear derailleur

Now, it is possible to fly over hills and valleys and ride most safely and smoothly because Wayfarer 700c is installed with 7-speed rear derailleur and twist gear shifters. Its wheels are so lightweight, solid, and smooth that riding on hills and rough paths will become easier and speedier.

Retro Styled Frame

One of the exclusive qualities of this model is that it has a retro-styled frame. If you love keeping vintage-style bikes, we recommend going with this model. It has got a big vintage and retro kind of vibe in it. Though the construction looks sturdy and robust, you will love its antique design aspect.

Ideal for recreational use

It is an ideal bike model for around-town commuting, recreational, and fitness purposes. Features like lightweight aluminum frame, suspension fork, smooth and tear-resistant tires constantly give you a comfortable ride.

Now, you can ride on various rough road surfaces because 100% improved and upgraded Schwinn hybrid bicycles have arrived in the market. Its construction suits all terrains, hills and is accompanied by confident stopping power.

The best women’s hybrid bicycle- Combination of comfort and style

We know that a limited number of bikes are designed and launched for women. Choices and options are few, so girls witness a lot of difficulties while picking a comfortable and durable bicycle.

You do not have to search anywhere because Wayfarer 700c is here in front of you. It combines comfort, style, and safety elements and gives you the perfect riding experience. In addition, it is easy to handle, transport, and quick to store.

Suitable for both beginner-level and experienced cyclists

Yes, the reviewed model is suitable and most appropriate for both beginner-level and experienced cyclists. It is built for comfort and keeps the rider to stay comfortable. You can also have it for longer rides. Besides, the padded seat further complements the whole model. You will get the smoothest, safest, and most secure ride, which you have not so far experienced in the past.

Undoubtedly, Schwinn has become such a competitive brand of making top-notch hybrid bikes for professional and beginner cyclists. They showcase tremendous variety for men, women, and kids genres. Thus, the Wayfarer 700c version is exclusively meant for women, and we are sure they will like using it.


  • Retro city frame
  • Comfortable ride
  • Ensure precise stops


  • It is only meant for females


What size is the Schwinn Wayfarer hybrid bike?

Its average size is of 16-Inches. You will spot maximum numbers of their models that are of this much average size.

Does Schwinn make BMX bikes?

Schwinn does make BMX bikes. Their most sold-out model is the Sting Pro BMX bike based and conceptualized on the legendary 1989 design. This respective bike is known as the ultimate and most popular racing machine loved by the riders. In addition, the BMX model is further packed with a Schwinn Hiten steel frame so that you can make it ride on all kinds of tracks.

How much is the average weight of Schwinn Wayfarer?

40lbs is the average weight of Schwinn Wayfarer 700c.


You can share with us your feedback and thoughts on the Schwinn Wayfarer 700c women’s hybrid bike review! Now, you can ride with comfort and style, and the Schwinn brand is working on this exclusive mission day and night.

The best and ultimate vehicle has been engineered for women, and we hope that they will like every single feature of it. The urban style frame, coordinating fenders, quality spring seat, and upright riding posture are the main qualities. Thus, enjoy the ride on this hybrid bicycle and stay tuned.