Uncountable cruiser bikes are available in the shops, but what makes the Sixthreezero Around the Block bike the most special of all? You can catch up with exciting details by going through its comprehensive and unbiased review. It is an exceptional and superior cruiser bike with a rear rack.

Furthermore, it is the perfect blend of practicality and simplicity. If you always love to ride on a bike and want to update your bike collection, we strongly suggest you pick up the Sixthreezero brand. No doubt, this respective model looks beautiful and affordable and packaged amazingly. This one is a steel-frame cruiser, and no-hassle is there to maintain it. Your rides will become incredibly fun and safe. Take it to the city streets and beaches wherever you feel like it.

We all know that it is a USA-based company and it has always dedicated its efforts to bring the most practical bikes. It is high time to make cycling activity a lot of fun and less tiring. Get hold of this beach cruiser bike we have reviewed, and enjoy the most pleasant experience.

It is built to last and encased with a flamboyant style. Audiences of the younger and the older age bracket can effortlessly use it. Below you can see further details on the Sixthreezero around the block review.

Overview of Sixthreezero around the block

Do you want to cruise and ride in style? If yes, get a brand new Sixthreezero Around the Block bike. It is a supremely and highly comfortable bike that has been launched now globally. Moreover, it is featured with an upright riding design.

These days, riders always love to ride on bikes that come with sweeping cruiser handlebars, and guess what, this model meets this criterion. Whether you ride for the most prolonged hours, your shoulders and arms will remain relaxed. No discomfort is there while sitting on this bike, and no ache will come on your back. Thus, the brand has endorsed delivering 100% comfort and ease.

If your upcoming trip is planned around the neighborhood or beach site, make sure to reach these destinations on this bike. You will definitely reach safely on time. Besides, the eye-catching steel cruiser frame, high-density foam grips, wide handlebars, plush, and dual-spring seat make it an impressive model.

The wheels are of premium quality, and they are made of aluminum. The large, robustly engineered waffle tread tires give you the smoothest ride. You will not see any discomfort no matter how many bumps are on the road. Total four gearing options are there, and 21-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur makes you ride effortlessly on all kinds of streets and trails.

So, do you want to upgrade your riding experience? If yes, have the Sixthreezero Around the Block bike and bring more pleasantness and enjoyment in your long and short-distance commutes. It delivers ultimate simplicity and practicality, and the coaster braking system looks outstanding.

Key Specifications

BrandSixthreezeroSuspension typeRigid
Wheel size26 inchesIdeal forTrail
HandlebarWide cruiser handlebarRiding styleUpright
GripsFoam gripsUSPEasy stopping

Features of Sixthreezero around the block

Classic style, elegance, comfort, and safe riding time- all of them can be spotted in this Sixthreezero Around the Block cruise bike. Here you can see all A to Z details of its features:

Durable steel frame

First of all, this respective cruiser bike gained immense popularity because of the injection of a durable steel frame. Customers have highly liked using this classic and curvy cruiser bicycle. The inclusion of a 19-inch durable steel frame makes it a more comfort-filled model that can take you safely and on time around the neighborhoods.

Upright riding style

The rider successfully maintains an upright riding style. Your posture remains discomfort and ache-free. Such a riding style keeps the person relaxed regardless and his back and shoulders at ease no matter he has been on the bike for hours and hours.

Your body will not hurt because the plush seat, dual-spring saddle, and wide cruiser handlebar make sure bumpy ad bouncy-free riding time is provided. The catchy part is that handlebars come with foam grips, and this feature brings additional comfort and ease.

Single-speed bike

The reviewed model comes in the single-speed bike niche. You can make it cruise over all roads, paths, and terrains. Above and beyond, it gives a smooth and jerky-free ride on uneven terrains. You can even pedal backward for easy stopping.

Wide aluminum wheels

The inclusion of wide aluminum wheels makes this cruiser bike our favorite. They are of 26-inches and 2.125-inches in width. Beyond, the large and premium waffle tread tires give you a 100% safe and cushioned ride. In fact, they allow easy rolling.

Retro style

You will be jaw-opened and pleased to know that the Sixthreezero around the block model has a retro style. Its design looks so cool and brings that same feeling to the rider. The overall retro styling vibe is the very first thing that catches your attention the minute you get a glimpse of this bike. Moreover, the incredibly stylish and well-constructed frame shows retro styling too.


You will not have any trouble choosing which size fits you because the Sixthreezero around the block model comes in the one-size-fits-all niche! This model completely matches your height and build, and you can adjust it accordingly as well. Generally, it is suitable for riders between 5′ to 6′ in height and up to 300lbs in weight.

Variations in gears

On average, you will see a total of four gears. For example, there comes a single-speed model and a 3-speed gear. Then there is a 7-speed and a 21-speed gear. Choose the gear that suits your riding plan. Keeping the bike on single-speed gear is recommended because it is the most uncomplicated and effortless to maintain.

Front rack and smooth tires

Another impressive feature of this cruiser bike is the front rack! You can utilize it smartly by keeping a grocery basket on it or a baby seat. In addition, the smooth cruiser tires have genuinely escalated their popularity.

You will spot two wider, premium, and semi-slick tires. They ensure to give you a bumpy-free and safe ride. The tires are also injected with waffle-tread for providing a more relaxed and fun riding experience. These quality tires bring more control and balance when cornering an uneven road.

Comfy Saddle

Uncountable support and love have been received by the Around the Block bike. The comfy saddle makes it a rich model. Most noteworthy, this single-spring saddle eliminates any stiffness and soreness and lets the rider ride comfortably for hours and hours. Alongside, the pedal is positioned perfectly. It is placed forward and removes all possible amounts of stress and pressure that might attack your back.

Sixthreezero Around The Block Review – Final verdict!

Many fans are already out there who are supporting and uttering positive words about the Around the Block bike model. You can also buy it if your current bike no longer gives comfortable and fun riding moments.

It is packed with high-end class components, rides smoothly, and gears are effortless to shift. The classic and user-friendly reverse pedal braking system and multi-speed operations indisputably make it the super best model. Alongside, the front and rear V-brakes bring the perfect and most balanced stopping power. Time to get a safe, fun, and fuss-free ride!

Pros & Cons


  • Durable steel frame
  • Comfy saddle
  • Easy stopping


  • A bit inactive customer service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the use of a hybrid commuter bike?

A hybrid commuter bike can be used as a road bike or mountain bike. You can have it for general-purpose riding and daily-based commuting. In addition, these bikes can be run over on all sorts of terrains and paths.

Does a Sixthreezero bike come with a kickstand?

Yes, Sixthreezero bikes come with a kickstand. It generally arrives in the 85% pre-assembled form so that the user might not have to invest more time while assembling and mounting it. You only have to make slight adjustments in the seat height, front wheel, handlebars, and pedals.

How much do Sixthreezero bikes weigh?

The average weight of Sixthreezero bikes ranges between 65 to 70 pounds. They remain lightweight but show maximum power, balance, and control to the rider.


So, the Sixthreezero around the block cruiser bike is ready to welcome you. Time to bring more excitement and comfort in your riding times is possible if you have invested in a good-quality bike. It is pointless to ride on a cheap and highly low-quality bike. They only bring distress and tiredness and nothing else.

So far, none of the setbacks are spotted in this model. You can try it on your own and share with us your comments. Its current customers have fallen in love with every single feature of it. What are your views!