Let us talk in detail about the Sixthreezero explore your range review. Men and women have become die-hard fans of it. It shows the world-class quality and made a big name in the commuter hybrid bike niche. This one is a go-to commuter bike that you can have for all seasons and effortlessly ride on all roads and terrains.

If you are looking for fast and hassle-free to use hybrid bike options, we suggest you have this one. You can make it ride smoothly on paved and uneven roads. Riders prefer having it for their daily commute. It gives a fantastic riding time if you feel like exploring the city. In addition, it has a lightweight frame.

Since 2005, bikes like these have brought so much ease to our lives. That is why we have recommended Sixthreezero explore your range! It is a fantastic two-wheeler and might become your absolute favorite. It constantly gives you a friendly and the safest race. Below you can see more details and let us know whether you have always loved riding on these bikes:

Overview of Sixthreezero explore your range

Unquestionably, you will find the Sixthreezero explore your range hybrid commuter bike the best among all! It gives you the safest and super comfortable riding time if you love going on urban adventures. You can have it for the morning commute or utilize it while exploring the trails and mountainous roads. It comes with sturdy construction and offers the maximum speed, control, and balance you need.

Most importantly, it accompanies a low profile. The lightweight, compact, and aluminum diamond frame make it a unique hybrid bike. It does not matter whether you are going for long or short rides; investing in these bikes will always be a fruitful decision at your end. The upright riding style has made the long rides more relaxed and tiring-free, and we pay our sincere and honest thanks to this model.

Do you know that you can even customize the height? Yes, you can do that. The tilt of the handlebar can be adjusted, which is so amazing. When you ride on a bike whose height and handlebar are adjusted according to your body physique, such a practice will undoubtedly give a distressing-free ride.

Experts have suggested using this reviewed bike for the longer rides. Its gears are easy to shift, and you will see no hassle and difficulty in changing the gears. In addition, smooth-riding time is experienced if you take this bike while trekking the short hills. Stopping this bike seems no problem because the rear coaster brakes and front handbrakes perform this respective function at ease.

The package includes a rear rack for placing optional baskets. It is the perfect bike model for riders who fall in the height bracket from 5 feet to 6 feet 2 inches tall. All in all, affordable quality and excellent riding experience remain guaranteed. It has an eye-catching design and is suitable for a range of riders.

Sixthreezero Explore Your Range Review – Key Specifications

BrandSixthreezeroFrameAluminum frame
Wheel size700 inchesRimsDouble-walled rims
DesignCommuter hybrid bikeSaddleSynthetic leather saddle
Suspension typeRear and frontUSPLightweight and easy to use

Features of Sixthreezero explore your range

Let us see what features are present in this model. Being one of the famous and most sold-out commuter hybrid bikes, you will love riding on it as well.

Advance construction

It comes with a lightweight aluminum frame and gives you a bumpy-free ride on the hard-packed trails. In addition, the Shimano internal hub comes with a user-friendly and easy-to-use Nexus shifter. You can smoothly change the gears and thus making your long-distance or short leisure rides breezy enough.


Above and beyond, the inclusion of front handbrakes and robustly designed rear coaster brakes make it an excellent bike model. You will spot linear-pull hand brakes in it. They are present both at the front and rear wheels.

Highly responsive brakes are there, and you will experience excellent and effortless braking power. The highlighting part is that handbrakes work smoothly in dry and wet weather conditions. Note that you might have to upgrade and replace the brakes if you have to ride over twenty miles.

700x38c wheels

700x38c wheels are another catchy quality of it. The double-walled rims have accompanied the wheels so that bumpy-free riding time is given. You can also see that the saddle remains made of synthetic leather and fused with matching grips.

User-friendly geometry of the Handlebars

The handlebar construction and geometry look amazing. Your body will definitely remain in an upright riding position. While riding on the ”explore your range”, you will feel no pressure on your arms and shoulders. No backache will be there, and fully relaxed riding time will get witnessed.

While you are out for the morning commute or cruising for leisure and fun purpose, use such a bike. Thus, the rider will remain in the upright and heads-up position because this reviewed bike is engineered accordingly in this manner. Due to the premium design of the seat and handlebar, your body posture will be at ease.

Quick to assemble

You will not believe it, but it is actually true that this reviewed hybrid bike comes in 85% assembled form. Assembling seems like a quick process. No hassle will be there while you perform this activity.

You can go through the user’s manual to further understand how to assemble it correctly, or you can visit their shop. The manual has penned down complete details on assembling the saddle, seat, handlebars, and tires. Moreover, you must adjust the brakes and gears.

Top-notch riding performance

The Sixthreezero bikes and promise to deliver top-notch riding performance go hand in hand. Whatever price you pay for this reviewed model, you will guarantee excellent performance. This one is a real win-win situation that you must not miss out.

We suggest you have this pick if you have got tired of looking for the best and out-class commuter bikes. It gives a comfort-filled ride on paved streets. Its performance does not become weak because of the weather condition. Be it hot or wet weather; you can ride with comfort.

The perfect blend of speed, balance, and quality

In addition, it does not compromise balance, speed, and quality. It seems to be the ideal combination of road bikes and off-road bikes. Riders have preferred this model because its tires are high-quality and robustly constructed. The frame looks durable and sturdy, and this one is a highly affordable bike.

For the long commutes, get your hands on this model, and do not forget to share with us your views. It constantly gives exceptional performance. You enjoy the comfort and bouncy-free ride on the paved roads. The injection of external derailleur makes you a pro while riding on the curvy, uneven, and hilly terrains.

Final verdict!

So, do you want to have this Sixthreezero bike? You must especially try out their ‘’explore your range’’ model, and you will undoubtedly love it. It looks great from all angles and delivers world-class performance. You can ride with class and utmost safety on the road or off-road.

The brand has built a massive reputation in making commuter hybrid cruiser bikes, and their line of collection ‘’Explore your Range’’ has received immense popularity. You can further explore their other hybrid bikes and forward your experience about them to us.

Most of their bikes are suitable for riders whose height falls between 5’ to 6’2”. Lastly, the package includes a kickstand, reflectors, and a user manual. You will get all the needed assembly tools and a rear rack.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Double-walled rims
  • Smooth ride


  • Limited color options

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Sixthreezero a reliable company?

Yes, it is a reliable company. It makes top-notch commuter hybrid bikes that remain so much applauded by men and women. No doubt, it is an excellent bike brand that has fulfilled all needs of various cyclists. You can even try out their cruiser, road, and super-quality electric bikes.

Is there a need to assemble Sixthreezero bikes?

They mostly come in the assembled form. Or you can take the bike to their shop and ask their representative to assemble it. No additional charges will be there.

What is a cruiser bike?

Cruiser bikes come in the form of commuter hybrid bikes. You can have them for beach boardwalks. Moreover, they run smoothly on the sidewalks and paved roads. They guarantee to give you easy and distressing-free commuting. Cruisers prefer having them for short-distance rides and leisurely cruising.


Wrapping up the details of the Sixthreezero explore your range review! It is an excellent and out-class commuter hybrid bike for men and women. Besides, it always gives you comfortable and smooth rides. The presence of a powerful braking system, 700c tires, ensuring maximum balance, control, and speed, makes it a perfect pick. Stay connected with us!